Weeks 23 & 24 – Today I Begin a New Life

The past 2 weeks have been nothing short of amazing.  On Monday, March 16th I spent the day getting things “in order” so the rest of the week I could disconnect from my routine, my people, dogs, business and familiar surroundings, disconnect from distractions and devices…..and enter into The Silence.  My daughter’s friend had recently bought a “cabin” on a quiet lake in Baxter, MN and she offered it to me for the week.  So I left home Monday night and returned Thursday afternoon.  I spent two and a half days in an absolutely gorgeous, warm, welcoming home located on a secluded point on one of central Minnesota’s beautiful lakes.  Winter’s ice was still on the lake so there was no activity or noise except the music of nature in early Spring.  Tuesday was warm and sunny with clear skies;  Wed cloudy and chilly.  It was perfect – total solitude.

I have always savored my “alone time” and love quiet, so for me this was not difficult. Whenever I travel I always feel a sense of peace and joy the moment I leave the city and get on the road.  But it’s been years since I’ve really unplugged and NEVER have I experienced such connection with nature – and with myself – than I did last week.  I spent a lot of the days immersed in the outdoors, feeling truly connected and part of nature’s beauty (not merely observing it).  I felt in harmony with everything around me……..while totally drawn inward, connected and harmonious in the world within.

I did many long “sits” up there, lost track of time, stared for hours at my movie poster and took tons of notes so I could remember everything that came to me – many wonderful ideas, so much insight about myself, clarity and honesty with myself and an important application of the Law of Forgiveness.  I discovered things about myself that have been right in front of me my entire life, yet I could not see them before.  Things that affected my marriage, my other close relationships and my even my business relationships that have kept me from being my best.  And what’s really cool is that as I discovered these things I was not hard on myself at all.  Instead I felt great joy and freedom.  Peel off the layers, expose the real spirit and love who you see!  Hello, Lori Suzanne Hammond Enrico!

And one last share…
For weeks we have been creating, flashing and shuffling a growing stack of index cards that keep us constantly immersed in gratitude and reflecting on our accomplishments.  Mixed in are some key thought-provoking cards that we use to “stack the deck”.  The big one for me was this:   “What am I pretending not to know?”  After one of my long sits last week I couldn’t grab my notebook fast enough.  After struggling with and pondering this question for weeks, a multitude of answers came to me.  It was huge.

The week before my trip my husband (Rick) got wrapped up watching the Week 22 replay with me – the one where Mark, Davene and Trish talked about the comfort zone.  In that webinar they taught us how the 5 negative emotions that typically keep us locked inside our comfort zone (fear, anger, guilt, hurt feelings and unworthiness) can be turned around and used in a positive way instead to help us grow and manifest our DMP.  This was also the webinar when they asked us to consider getting away for an extended Silence.  Rick was personally impacted by the video – and instantly urged me to make this Silence a priority.  He is such a loving, compassionate and supportive person and is always ready to get behind anything that makes me happy.  But he’s been very entrenched in his own routine, safely in his comfort zone, yet increasingly discontent with certain aspects of his own life. We’ve been happily married for many years, though often walking on separate paths.  It’s now apparent we’ve both been packed down with cement and holding ourselves back by the River of Dreams.  Since I returned from my retreat Rick and I have had many wonderful conversations about our future and what we want.  It’s a time of transition for both of us, as individuals and as partners.  But it feels like a new beginning.

The MKMMA experience has awakened me out of a 40 year sleep.  And I LOVE being awake!  Just imagine the ripples I will create!


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    1. Lori Post author

      Thank you for visiting, Lorelei. I will be posting regularly again and look forward to following your posts as well. Excited about this summer and next Fall’s session!


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