Week 9 – Giving Thanks

This has been the most impactful Thanksgiving WEEK that I can remember in a very long time.  The funny thing is, we haven’t even had the opportunity to celebrate with our family yet!  That’s coming on Monday.  In order to accommodate our kids’ work and travel schedules we decided to delay our Thanksgiving dinner when everyone could be home.  My husband, being a chef here in the Twin Cities, rarely has Thanksgiving  Day off but yesterday was an exception so we spent a wonderful, relaxing day together and happened upon a lovely brunch at a new restaurant on Lake Minnetonka – where enjoyed a tremendous view of the snow-covered lake on the sunnies of days.

So why such an impactful and memorable WEEK?   It’s me.  That’s all I can say. How can anyone complete 8 straight weeks – day in and day out – immersing themselves in the intense, focused personal development that each and every one of us has….and not be permanently changed?  Reading the Law of Giving aloud (I do it 3x/day with my other cards because it feels awesome) and Og’s Love Scroll three times a day completely changes your view of every person you meet and interact with.  I walk around the earth AWAKE and perpetually positive – making warm, loving connection with people….giving gifts….noticing things about them I never did before….making more thoughtful eye contact….listening better and remembering details of our conversations –  effortlessly!

Then there’s the Master Keys, Emerson’s amazing essay, the Seven Laws of the Mind, the Gal in the Glass, doing the Mental Diet (whoa, is THAT profound), visualizing my movie poster, reading 3 different versions of my DMP, listening to myself reading my DMP to Bach every day, reading and doing the services, noticing shapes and colors with my smart goals, exercising while doing ALL of the above.  Every single day I find myself totally excited to pick these things up and read, listen, stare, absorb  – take it all in.  And so, each day I’m ignited by yet another point, message or connection that stands out better than before.  Haanel was a genius, so was Og, and Emerson, and Emmet Fox, and Napoleon Hill.   (So are Mark and Dave Januszewski for putting this all together for us…if you ask me).

And last but not least – the daily meditation and directed mental exercises, all masterfully designed to build a progression for us to gain control of our thoughts, create exceptional focus and concentration, unleash our imagination and learn to skillfully visualize everything and anything we desire in our lives.   Work on the cause…..the effects will follow.  Our lives change because we change.   The Law of Growth, The Law of Attraction.  We have the power to manifest.  We know the truth.

So basically what I’m saying is that I feel an enormous sense of gratitude that grows with each passing day.  So this Thanksgiving week has been a particularly memorable one.   Positive change and progress is happening on every level – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial.

And so I will leave you with one of my very favorite songs – sung by the great, late Eva Cassidy – to uplift you on this special day:

“And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true”

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2 thoughts on “Week 9 – Giving Thanks

  1. marianmasterkey

    Lori I can see this week was special not only for you but the whole family. Thanks Giving. Isn’t a wonderful giving and receiving in a real life? Your post is so natural and I think that is the whole idea. Going through the ordinary to the extraordinary. I can learn from you and lovely post. Love to you!


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