Week 8 – Making Connections & Still on the Diet!

On this week’s webcast Davene talked at length about how important is to really notice and understand the linking, connecting and the timing between all of the principles and natural laws we’re learning about and putting to use in our daily lives.  I find myself so immersed and inspired to read and practice every day, not only out of faith that it will help me master the world within, but also because I’m fascinated with how I seem to pick out something new and wonderful with each read.  Whether it’s the 7th day on a given Master Key, the 90th time reading a Scroll in Og, the second time through Emerson’s Law of Compensation or Fox’s Mental Diet…. something relevant and perfectly timed for what I need in the moment comes into realization.  The last few weeks have presented me with numerous challenges, which I have now come to recognize as opportunities to notice my thoughts and reactions and consciously make different choices.  It’s even empowering to realize that I can choose to feel grateful and celebrate past failures, or reactive behaviors, or Mental Diet “restarts”, because they’re all raising my awareness, teaching me to wake up and tune in!

Tune in to what?  To me!

My mental diet continues and I have 2 days under my belt without a negative thought.  TV has also been off  for 3 days now, which is not a struggle for me personally because I rarely watch it and typically go to other rooms to read or do other things. However, the other adults in my household watch TV often (or have it going in the background) .  Though attempting to be supportive, they are not as thrilled about turning off all media as I am….but they’re trying.  Tonight everyone went to a movie together and I had no idea what we were going to see.  About 20 minutes into the film it became apparent that the story and main character were very negative so I actually tried to close my eyes and fall asleep in the theater.  I wasn’t successful, but I just tuned out as best as I could.  After coming home I read MK 8, Og Scroll 2 and all my cards.  And since I’m not sure about the impact of this movie on my mental housecleaning….I decided to restart again and continue for 7 days on the mental diet.   Honestly, I am in love with being on the mental diet, so this does not make me sad at all.  But I’ve learned something valuable – unless it’s a Disney movie, I’d best avoid the theater as well!

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4 thoughts on “Week 8 – Making Connections & Still on the Diet!

  1. masterkeylsr

    I find the readings a comfort – especially in times of conflict or sadness – I am curious though – what was the movie? and did the character stay negative throughout the whole movie or did the negativity turn around at the end?

    1. Lori Enrico

      Omg. I am just getting the hang of all this blogging! I just realized tonight that there were several comments still needing approval from the past couple of weeks. And tons I hadn’t replied to. I’m learning. The move I referred to a couple of weeks ago was “Nightcrawler”. The main character was almost like a Paparazzi person, played by Jake Gyllenhaal in a haunting performance. I can’t imagine him NOT getting an academy award for the performance, unless because of the disturbing nature of the character. But as I read Haanel and Emerson, I have thought of this character many times, knowing that eventually he would get his due because of the Law of Growth or Law of Compensation. One thing I also learned by the experience is that going forward, i will always remember that I have a copy of GS in my purse at all time, with many functional bookmarks. So in that situation again, I have total ability to step out of the theater, into the lobby somewhere and just read instead!


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