MKE Week 6 – No Opinions!

Was anyone else out there blown away to discover how opinionated they are?

No?  OK….maybe it’s just me.

I’ve often complained that my family members (and sometimes other people too) constantly ask me questions about EVERYTHING under the sun…. things that there’s no way I should know the answer.  It’s almost like they don’t even expect me to answer – they just ask.  Like where’s so-and-so, why did she do that, what does that mean, what was he thinking, how come things are this way or that?   Half irritated, half jokingly, I’ve often asked: “What’s my name, Lori Google Enrico?”.

Then I recall one of the many profound things I learned from Mark J:
We teach people how to treat us!

Act like you know the answer to everything…spew out opinions about everything….attempt to solve all the problems…..and guess what?   You make it easier for others to just ask instead of thinking for themselves.  It’s enabling, not empowering.  You rob them of their own problem-solving and discovery process.  So what do I get from it all?  An overactive ego!   Who made me the expert?  Apparently, I did.

I love this exercise of working to give no opinions.  It’s freeing.  I’m becoming a better question-asker, a better listener and it’s initiating more stimulating conversations with my family, friends and business partners.  I’ve had several opportunities to engage with someone I care about who’s seeking answers to a problem or challenge over the past few weeks.  ….and by asking and listening, I’ve had the great pleasure of witnessing them discover the answers for themselves!  By guiding and listening….not telling, not influencing, not solving…….it empowered both of us.

Now I’m going to go write “no opinions” on my hand in pen – just like I did as a kid – so I can remind myself of my objective.

Have a great week!


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3 thoughts on “MKE Week 6 – No Opinions!

  1. Cheryl

    You have a really nice writing style Lori. Lovely blog, it is empowering everyone in not giving opinions – I never would have thought that!!
    Look forward to reading your coming blogs. Have a great week.

  2. Julie Ebanks

    Really enjoyed your blog, can really relate to feeling empowered not just for you but also your family too. Thanks for sharing.


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