MKE Week 5 – The Lost Blog Post

OK,  I’ve left the pity party now….. and I’m on my way home.

Several days ago I wrote a blog post for Week 5, entitled “No Opinions”.  I really liked it.   But when I hit the “publish” button yesterday….it disappeared.  I had left the tab open for days, dragging out my post, coming back to it over and over while doing…guess what?….MULTI-TASKING!  (Which, by the way, I’ve learned is not good).  And no… neither resubmitting the page, nor going back in my browser….brought it back.

imagesNow here’s the thing.  This happened to me once before….last year when I was a new member in the Master Keys.  It was the week my mother died and I was in SC immersed in all the family-related things that went along with that life-changing event.  I did my best squeezing in a read or two every day and found myself doing my sits very late at night when everyone else was asleep.  My mind was a swirl of thoughts and feelings, as you can imagine.  So I stayed up very late one night writing a long and meaningful (at least to me) blog post.  And then…..PUBLISH….and whoosh!  Gone.

I had a meltdown.  Then went to bed and got over it and wrote a completely post at a later date.  But I learned one very important thing.  In WordPress….ALWAYS copy the your entire post before hitting “save draft” or “update” or “publish”.  Call me paranoid.  But last year’s experience taught me a lesson and I THOUGHT I had developed a new habit of copying my text for safe keeping before saving or publishing.  Obviously… I had an evolutionary throwback to my old blueprint or something.  Or maybe I just hadn’t really become a slave to my new habit yet.

Whatever the case….this rant is over.  If this has never happened to you, allow me to encourage you to adopt the simple habit of copying your text before publishing your blog.  Then if you lose it you can use the beloved “paste” function and get it back!

I love technology!


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