Week 5 – MK – “MMA”

Fight 2- Piper vs Avila (1)First and foremost – my apologies to The Fabulous Davene for the “quotey fingers”.  But I feel compelled to use them, for it occurred to me this week that “MMA” also stands for mixed martial arts.   I couldn’t help making the analogy this week, as more than once I felt like I was in the proverbial ring with my old blueprint in a fight for the MMA championship.  “OBP”, as I like to refer to her, was pulling out her best 2 moves on me – Overwhelm and Mind-Racer over and over again.  Overwhelm worked especially well on Thursday as we battled for the Press Release round.  I prevailed, of course, but not without a battle.  She pulled out Mind Racer 3-4 times during my daily sit as I worked hard to focus on details of my pleasant memory.  All sorts of random thoughts were trying to gain access -just when I thought I was nailing the daily sits!

Lucky for me and unfortunate for OBP, I never quit.  I’m committed to win.  And she had NO power to overcome my new moves – the Master Key Part 5,  Og’s Scroll 1, my ROCKIN’ DMP and the “BPB’er” not once…but THREE times per day.  We’ve gone 5 rounds so far……but I WILL prevail.  It only remains to be seen whether it will be by “TKO”, Decision or Submission!!!

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2 thoughts on “Week 5 – MK – “MMA”

  1. masterkeylucyb

    This is a great post, perfect analogy for the “struggle” we all experience at some (or many) point(s) during this journey! I’m a fan of MMA so thinking about this when those times arise will definitely help me out…TKO OBP! 🙂


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