Week 3 – On Blogging and Learning

FINALLY plunged into my dashboard and gave this blog a facelift.  It’s got a long way to go, but I think tonight I went from pre-school to kindergarten!  Really found after watching the Digital Connections webinar tonight that I just needed to get in, click around and experience some of the functionality first-hand.

I’ve actually found that it  helps me a lot to go back and watch the recorded webinars again a day or so after the initial live viewing.  This applies to both the Sunday webinars and the DC webinars on Mondays.  I like to just relax and listen the first time (I take very few notes), take in what I can….then start to apply part of what I learned…..then go back and really listen again.  So much clicks the second time watching the webinar.  This strategy has really helped me gain confidence and better clarity on re-writing my DMP (along with the help of my Certified Guide, of course) and also in my tackling my blog.

Part 3 of the Master Keys – first reading was today.  SO impactful!

More on all the things I’m noticing in week 3 later this week….

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4 thoughts on “Week 3 – On Blogging and Learning

  1. masterkeyloreleisunshine

    the webinars are luckily available to re watch and re watch, sometimes you miss something the 1st time and you see things differently next time, I am totally grateful for the replays specially as I’m traveling 🙂

  2. terris252014

    Lori I loved reading your blog I don’t feel so alone anymore because blogging is something I had not done before. Thanks for the reminder of listening to the recorded webinars. I always pick up more the second time

  3. masterkeymaria

    That is a great idea! Ive been trying to take notes when we’re live and completely didn’t think to go back and listen to the things I may have missed! Great Idea! Thank you!

  4. masterkeylilli

    I totally agree. The first time I listen I am so overwhelmed with information but I do take notes and list the time when I get behind so I know where to go back on the replay. Every time I listen I learn something new that I had missed during the webcast. I have grown so much technology speaking; it is unreal!


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