Week 22A – Silence Scheduled!

I am so grateful to my daughter’s friend who has offered to let me use her cabin to get away next week.  I will enter into the Silence on Monday afternoon and plan to return home on Thursday morning.  This is something that I truly look forward to and just getting it scheduled is very empowering.  I think it’s ironic and interesting that it’s such a big deal for a person to unplug from all forms of media and personal interaction for a couple of days.  For many of us, this is the first time we’ve ever even attempted anything like this – which, when you think about it, seems a little sad.  Where and when do most people find solitude?  Seems to be a forgotten art.  I am grateful for the opportunity to take this peaceful adventure and will plan to share my experience next week.

My husband watched the replay of Week 22 webcast with me and he found it very impactful.  The comfort zone lesson really hit home for him.  He was very supportive of me taking the time I need to get away and I appreciate my whole family for taking care of everything else.  Many reasons to be grateful.

Until next week, my fellow MKMMAer’s.  I appreciate all of you!

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One thought on “Week 22A – Silence Scheduled!

  1. masterkeyleroy

    The support of your family is wonderful, what you are in for was mind blowing for me, beyond words.


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