Week 2 – Being the Observer

As I near the end of Week 2 in my MKMMA journey, I am noticing several wonderful things – interesting things.  But if I really think about it I am not surprised by what I’m experiencing.  I really feel like I’m becoming a keen observer….of ME.  Having a new awareness of the old blueprint, I notice it trying to exert it’s influence all over the place.  But I’m already starting to feel a sense of power and real faith that I WILL create and install a new blueprint through the daily commitment I have made.  I have not missed a single day on doing all of the required activities ….nor do I intend to.  Some days it’s been a challenge to fit everything in (especially the mid-day readings), but I still find a way to get it done.  This makes me feel very proud and strong, because I have faith that this is exactly what I’ve been searching for.

So what have I noticed?  First of all, a sense of confidence and resolve that this is going to work, because I’m “all in”…. and it feels right.  Something new clicks in the Scroll or the Master Keys every time I read…..so I feel like I’m having “ah-ha” moments all over the place.  When I do the sit I feel calm and centered and typically have a struggle stopping when the alarm goes off.  I’ve settled in to doing my sit around 5pm, either in my bedroom (if nobody’s home) or in my car if people have started rolling in for the day (NO, not while driving….parked in a quiet lot away from people).  This has become a peaceful, clear way to “put away” my work day and create a better boundary between work and home life.  I come in the door happy, incredibly energized and ready to be “present”. This is a tangible change for me – ever since I started working from home in my own business this has been a struggle and a complaint from family members.  I’ve been better at scheduling everything these past 2 weeks and this has also helped.

Another thing I believe I’m noticing is less “mind clutter” and more “thoughtfulness”.  In other words, I feel a greater sense of mental clarity and focus, and don’t feel as mentally stressed and overwhelmed as I typically do.  And in turn, I feel less reactive and definitely less judgmental when responding to people in business and personal interactions.  Simply put, I’m not letting things bother me as much….and finding it much easier to let go of things I can’t control anyway (like what other people do or don’t do).  And bonus… hot flashes have pretty much stopped (sorry gentlemen….TMI).  But since I know the role that stress plays in hormone imbalance, I’m just saying.  A very welcome side-effect of the MKMMA!


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2 thoughts on “Week 2 – Being the Observer

  1. masterkeylilli

    Lorie, I am still looking forward to getting rid of the “mind clutter”. Perhaps it will come next week. Finding the time to do everything is a challenge but it helps me to write it all down and then check it off when accomplished. I really am enjoying the quiet time. I thought it would be a challenge but definitely not if I have it on my list.

  2. smd63

    Great blog tonight.
    Yes! I know that “ah-ha” discovery feeling when rereading the texts. Sometimes I wonder how I missed this or that point the first (or second or third…) time I read it. The text isn’t different so it must be us. The red pill is working.
    I too am feeling calmer and more patient. I like that.


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