Week 18 – Reading the Obituaries

One of the things we’ve been doing in the Master Key course these past 2 weeks is reading an obituary every day.  Ironically, this exercise started the Monday after my mother passed away, so it seemed meaningful, bittersweet and appropriate to begin by reading hers.  Though my siblings and I wrote it the week before, reading it this time, along with watching the wonderful slide show my daughter made for her memorial service just gave me another opportunity to sit and really reflect on what a wonderful, long, love-filled life she lived.  It certainly set the stage for me to begin reading the obituaries in our local paper with a whole different perspective than I ever would have before.  Sadly, 4 of my friends also lost a parent in these past 2 weeks, so several of the obituaries I read were for their loved ones.  It’s kept my own loss all mixed in as I’ve reached out to support my friends and send them my condolences.  When reading their obituaries I felt compelled to understand as much as I possibly could about their lives, how old they were, what they did, how and why they happened to pass away at this time.

I used to wonder why some people read the obituaries daily ….it seemed depressing to me.  I mean, it’s one thing if you know a person passed and you’re looking for the information on their memorial, etc.  But why would you go in there daily just to go browse through them? Is it to see if you ever recognize someone you once knew?

Clearly by design – the timing of everything in the MKMMA is so carefully thought out, so impactful.  I see the wonderful gift in the requirements to read Scroll 5 for 30 days and an obituary of someone I never knew every day.  I am clearly grieving – the recent loss of 2 parents, for sure.  But also the slow, difficult loss of the OLD ME, as we learned on last week’s webinar.  These exercises are very therapeutic and provide a great deal of insight – and for this I am very grateful.  To really take some time to stare at the picture of someone you didn’t know and read about their life, to see how long they lived, to wonder how and why their time was up…….and to wonder what they would give for one more day….. well, it’s just profound.

The wise Og Mandino:

“I will live this day as if it’s my last.  And what shall I do with this last precious day which remains in my keeping?  First, I will seal up it’s container of life so that not one drop spills itself upon the sand”

“Yesterday is buried forever and I will think of it no more”

“Tomorrow lies buried with yesterday and I will think of it no more”

“Why have I been allowed to live this extra day when others, far better than I, have departed?  Is it that they have accomplished their purpose while mine is yet to be achieved?  Is this another opportunity for me to become the person I can be?”

“I will live this day as if it’s my last.  And if it is my last, it will be my greatest monument.  This day I will make the best day of my life. I will savor it’s taste and give thanks.  I will maketh every hour count and each minute I will trade only for something of value”

“I will live this day as if it’s my last.  And if it is not, I shall fall to my knees and give thanks.”

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3 thoughts on “Week 18 – Reading the Obituaries

  1. Joan Campbell

    Very well written….the loss of a Mother is difficult. Mine suffered so at the end that it was a blessing…but I miss her so even today 16 years later. May your memories hold you tight. Prayers for you and your family.


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