Week 15 – Knowledge Does Not Apply Itself

At the end of every chapter of the Master Keys there is a call to action – a mental exercise which we are to practice every day for a week – in what we fondly call “The Sit“.  From MK Chapter 15:

“For your exercise this week, concentrate on Insight; take your accustomed position and focus the thought on the fact that to have a knowledge of the creative power of thought does not mean to possess he art of thinking.  Let the thought dwell on the fact that knowledge does not apply itself. That our actions are not governed by knowledge, but by custom, precedent and habit. That the only way we can get ourselves to apply knowledge is by a determined conscious effort. Call to mind the fact that knowledge unused passes from the mind, that the value of the information is in the application of the principle; continue this line of thought until you gain sufficient insight to formulate a definite program for applying this principle to your own particular problem.”

Over these weeks we have refined our DMP’s and created a daily plan of action that is designed to build the “world within” and result in the achievement of our SMART goals. We must EXECUTE on the “traction points”….the daily actions that will create momentum, growth and success in our business, career or personal objectives.  To learn, to study, to become enlightened is not enough.  We must apply the knowledge – we must create good habits and become their slave.  And as we truly come into a realization of the creative nature of thought and the immense power we possess – it is in these habits, in fidelity to the daily exercises, in practice and honing our mental skills in “the sit” – that we begin to design our lives.

“I plan courageously and execute fearlessly.”   Totally love this quote….it’s my new Mantra.

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