Week 13 – Flash Cards


Who would ever have thought something so simple and plain could have such a profound effect?

Over the past 2 weeks Mark, Davene and the MKMMA staff have had us create 2 unique decks of flash cards consisting mostly of short, descriptive phrases representing accomplishments in our lives.  To begin the process they required us to create 30-50 cards, each stating something we’ve done in our life.  These things can be something big or small…something as big as saving a life or purchasing a house or traveling the world…..to something we typically take for granted such as brushing our teeth twice a day or driving the kids home from school.  This week we’ve continued to add accomplishments to our decks, plus additional cards containing our favorite MKMMA affirmations.  AND….this is big…. we started adding 3 cards per day with something we’re grateful for. We are not to skip a day – just keep adding 3 gratitude cards per day.  The decks just keep getting bigger and bigger.  We keep them with us (mine are in my purse) and flash through them several times per day, each time shuffling the decks to mix up the order to keep the subconscious on it’s toes.

Understanding the cards are part of a progression that Mark & Davene and the staff have developed for us…..I have no clue what will be revealed to us in Feb as a result.  But I am executing this exercise daily on faith – because I know the payoff will be big.

But just think on this for a moment…..

Regardless of whether you are a fellow MKMMA member or not – I challenge you to make these 2 decks of cards yourself and repeat this exercise daily. It will simply blow your mind.  We’ve been programmed to hyper-focus on those few things we believe we’ve done wrong instead of the huge number of wonderful things we do right.  We downplay our accomplishments, let the world know about our screw-ups, even create humor around them. But when you start flashing through dozens of simple cards daily that remind you of all the wonderful things you’ve done, of everything you’re grateful for and also positive, meaningful affirmations – you begin to understand your greatness.  You realize you’ve done A LOT of really good stuff in your life and you continue to do more everyday.  It becomes easy to acknowledge your accomplishments instead of focus on your shortcomings.  I wonder why on earth nobody did this simple exercise with us as school children.

Add to this my DMP and all it’s variations, the Mental Diet, Emerson’s Law (Give More, Get More), the Master Keys, the Greatest Salesman and the truly amazing Mastermind Alliances I’ve formed with myself, Terri, Jeff, Sarah, Zach – not to mention Mark J, Davene, Nicole (my guide), and 300+ amazing fellow MKMMA members around the globe…….

Well, I believe my “old blueprint” is starting to crumble.  “Goodbye….I don’t need you anymore.”

Wife to Rick
Donated lots of clothes & other items
Lived in Monterey, CA
I am a magnet for people who desire change
Got a college degree
Red Cross safety & health instructor (taught CPR)
Taught group fitness classes
Lived in ND
Local Coordinator for MN
Grateful for all the gifts I received yesterday
I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy
Achieved many local challenges
Watched 2 baseball games in Greenville
Dream Team Target 2006
Ski’d in Austria
Helped Zach navigate college financial aid
Grateful for Josh Luce
Grateful for amazing dinner on Christmas Eve with Phil & Alice
Lived in Germany
Read The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Went on cruise w/ family & neighbors in 2004
Grateful for Sarah
Traveled to SC many times to stay with Mom & Dad in past 5 yrs
Drove a grain truck in ND
Landed a plane on parallel runways at MSP
Grandma to Remy
Saw Bruce Springsteen several times in concert
Do it now!
Started a business
Local speaker in Chicago
Learned to play tennis
I always keep my promises
Attended my kids sports events and concerts
I can be what I will to be
Good sense of humor
Loving human to Cooper, Lily, Scooter & Abbey
Completed half marathon in 2013
Grateful I work from home
Grateful Callie joined our family today (wiener dog puppy)
Went to Disney World with family twice
Helped Sarah start her catering business
Led hazmat team at SurModics
Grateful for Catherine
Went back to get Cooper
Worked at SurModics for 11 yrs
Grateful for every day I have with Cooper
Lived & ski’d in Utah
Mom to Sarah
Good server in my restaurant jobs
Replaced my corporate salary with MA income so I could work from home
Grateful for Colleen
Went to Grand Canyon
Visited, lived and trained in AZ
Ask and you shall receive
Grateful I met Ron & Sue
Mother to Catherine
Cheerleader in Jr High
Visited Colorado numerous times
Solo’s in an airplane
Bought a Mazda 6
Grateful for Zachary
Learned to play classical piano
Sister to Dee & George
Lived in England
Raised our kids in Glen Lake area
Worked at Henkel for 7 yrs
Grateful I was with Dad in his final days
Bought Ford Edge
New mom to Callie
Skipped 1st grade
Trained with Sam for 2 years
Watched MN Twins win world series in 1987
Grateful for Rick
Achieved Professional Coordinator
Learned to fly with my dad
TLS trainer
Learned to crochet
Lost 48 lbs & 10% body fat
Finished high school early
Master UFO
Saw Prince in concert
Mother to Zach
Traveled to 26 states
Grateful for the gifts I was blessed to give to others on Thursday
Grateful for Edie
Saw several shows at Guthrie theater
Learned to speak ‘German
Bought home in NE Minneapolis
Lived in Hawaii
Daughter to George & Alma
Made a great dinner on Thanksgiving
Gave a rose to Prince in Blockbuster
Grateful for Jeff Carter

And that’s just a start…..


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4 thoughts on “Week 13 – Flash Cards

  1. Kara Gilson

    Wow inspiring post! It also made me wonder why we never started the process younger as kids, I know I would have been a lot more grateful for things. Great post and I love that you listed your accomplishments out, congrats!

  2. Kanwaljit { Kim } Varma

    Lori, you are so right about the Value those flash cards have & have done there job so well. Very well written, & you inspired me with the sprit that you have shown. Thanks very much, love reading you post…..

  3. Kathy Maufas

    Lori, absolutely phenomenal post! You laid it out so anyone can understand how the index cards impact you (and me, smile). I just added a bunch today and flipped through feeling good that I had accomplished what I originally had taken for granted and some I did not realize were even accomplishments. Hooray for us! Happy New Year and see you at the top!


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