MKE Week 12 – A Christmas Poem by MKE Member Marilyn Holloway

I’m so proud of Marilyn Holloway. She’s a member of my tribe and as a MKMMA guide, I’ve had the privilege to witness her journey through the Master Keys for the past 13 weeks.  She’s been hard at work applying the principles and knowledge she’s learned and is finding her bliss.  One of Marilyn’s passions is poetry and she is a talented writer.  She shares her work with the world on her poetry blog.  You can also read more about Marilyn’s #MasterKeyExperience on her MKMMA blog

Today is December 25th.  As I sat down this evening to check in on Facebook I came across a wonderful Christmas poem that Marilyn wrote.  It’s also on her MKMMA blog for Week 13.


My Christmas Song For You — Week 13

house in snow

I sing forth this song with the hills all around me,

As the sun guilds the trees at the start of the day,

As frost sparkles on snow while light fills the valley,
My heart overflows with the music of praise.

birds on feeder

I’m grateful today for birds at the feeder,

For cards in the mail and the touch of a friend,

For kids shouting at play and dogs barking with them,

My heart overflows with the music of praise.


kids n dogs


May joy, peace and love be with you forever,

May blessings abound wherever you roam,

May the light in your eyes give light to a stranger,

May your heart overflow with the music of praise.




Irish blessing

Let’s reach out in love to all of creation,

Let’s bring blessings and peace to all people on earth,

Let’s share our joy in the wonder of living,

Let our hearts overflow with the music of praise.


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