Week 10 – New PPN!

For the past few weeks I’ve been feeling compelled to choose a different PPN and do a major rewrite on my DMP.  Mark said this is not unusual at this particular point in the course and I had been putting a lot of thought into it.  So I took the time this week to really deep and recreate my DMP – with True Health as a PPN instead of Legacy.  The undertaking seemed a little daunting at first since I was faced not only with having to write the full version, but also the movie trailer & press release, shape sheets, plus re-record my new DMP to music and make some changes/additions to my movie poster.  I also re-wrote several of my index cards this week.  I’m still not completely finished with everything, but I will have it all revised by Sunday’s webcast.  Truly, this has been an incredibly rewarding week and it couldn’t have come at a better time.   I feel more emotional attachment to my DMP than ever before and find it easy to read aloud with “unbridled enthusiasm”, especially when I’m out walking.  The Week 9 webcast and the Week 10 video really brought everything together and I’m going on much more than just faith now.  As Mark said, this is SO much more than just working to maintain a scholarship.  It’s application of the knowledge that’s the key to everything.  The Master Key lesson this week blew my mind….as did Og’s Scroll 3 about persistence.  And I also found an incredible partner to form a Mastermind Alliance with and I purchased a turn-key blog.  So this week “off”  has actually been a REALLY productive and fulfilling one.  So I’m ready to take this to a whole new level.  Rock on!!

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11 thoughts on “Week 10 – New PPN!

  1. Marian Balkowski

    Lori I can see you had a busy week working on your DMP, PPN and correcting your course like the racket to the moon which is only 7% of time on the course and remaining time is designated to correct to get to destination.Then I am sure you get to your own moon with your love and strong desire. I learned from you today a lot. Wonderful post. Love to you and have a wonderful day.

  2. Keith McCauley (aka) Mac

    Great read Lori,
    I have been struggling with my PPN’s as well, glad to hear you made the leap and rewrote your future. It has to be tied to you very deeply in order to get behind it. I am definitely going to do a rewrite as well, thanks for sharing.

  3. Lauri Klein

    I was so glad to read this. I too just finished rewriting my DMP. You mentioned that Mark had said this was not unusual which I must have missed somehow. Really helpful to me !!! Thank you.

    1. Lori Enrico

      Hey Lorraine – hopefully the Week 11 webcast put your heart and mind at ease! For all of us, some weeks can be way more challenging than others. I hope and assume you’ve set up a MMA with another member or someone else?


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