The Master Key Experience – A League of it’s Own

I’m back!  And I have an important message to share.

I’ve been on a 3-month sabbatical from writing since the commencement of the MKMMA course.  Why?  Well…’s a long story filled with some really cool insight (which I may share in another post).  But suffice it to say, it was “old blueprint stuff”.  The requirement to blog throughout the 26 weeks pushed me out of my comfort zone every single week and was a challenge to my “yellowness”, to put it lightly (more on that, too, in another post).

But fast-forward 3 months.  As I continue to immerse myself in the Master Key Experience I’m plunging with both feet into the Hero’s Journey. There’s no turning back (I have an aversion to my comfort zone)!  And I’ve come to realize that what I used to view as a chore is really an opportunity in disguise.  As I continue to discover and share my gifts with the world I understand the power of the written word, the internet and social media – to reach more people faster, more effectively than anything else with this important message.

Our world is full of people living lives of quiet desperation.  Some are painfully aware – unhappy, frustrated or dissatisfied with their lives, often blaming others, themselves or circumstances for their misfortune.  Everything is an uphill battle and though they desperately want change, it eludes them.  Other people move through life more or less “asleep”….on “autopilot”, if you will. They’ve landed somewhere and might even be considered successful in the eyes of others.  But they’re driven in a quest for security and they allow their bank balance to dictate their lifestyle.  Somewhere along the way they down-sized their dreams. But there is unrest -they are unsettled – something calls them.

I was one of those people – looking for answers, convinced they would come from within, but NO idea how to educe or discover them.  Then last September someone paid it forward to me – and a video showed up in my email inbox.  It was about the launch of MKMMA 2014.

And so it is……..I’m inspired and curiously excited to be back!

So what’s the important message?
I invite you to listen to the amazing podcast below, entitled “Hero Maker Interview with Mark Januszewski”, recently conducted by Richard Bliss Brooke.  It’s a taste of the heart and soul behind the Master Key Experience.  If this stirs up your inner voice – and you would like to learn more about the launch of MKMMA 2015 in September, make sure to add yourself to the mailing list (on the right).

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