MKE Week 19 – In The Flow of Giving & Receiving

IMG_0004The Law of Giving:  “I promise to keep these 4 promises”:

  1. “Everywhere I go, I bring a gift.  I bring a compliment, a prayer, a trinket, a flower… But I promise I will give something to every person I encounter.”

This is the 1st promise on our Law of Giving index card.  I have been reading this daily, with few exceptions, since I first started the MKE course in September, 2014.  Think about that….18 months, every day, stating these promises out loud to the Universe with enthusiasm. Do you think this might change the way you interact with the world once you internalize this?   I can tell you first hand – once you genuinely enter the “flow” of giving and receiving, everything changes.  “Give more, Get more”.   And it always starts with Giving.

Living by these 4 promises have become engrained habits now, so starting with the 1st promise I wanted to share what I’ve discovered.  I found that the “gift” I bring to others can take on many different forms.  Sometimes it’s a physical, tangible gift such as a trinket, flower, card, tip, treat or coffee… to name a few ideas.  But often it’s given simply in the form of direct, connecting eye contact with someone when you interact with them …or a genuine, listening ear so you actually hear what they have to say (not just with your ears, but with your heart)…and then actually remembering the details and recalling them in a future conversation.  It includes taking an interest in learning someone’s name and then remembering and using it.  It can be a firm, enthusiastic handshake that comes from the heart….while smiling and looking them straight in the eye.  These are the kinds of gifts you give to others when you truly SEE and HEAR them.  And sometimes I think they matter more than trinkets in this busy, “dis-connected” world we live in.

What joy it brings to know you have made someone’s day…or hour…or moment.  Just by giving first.

MKE Week 18 – “Journey of a Life Time” by Guest Blogger Sheri Wert

I wanted to share a blog post from another member because I know what a break through she experienced this week.  I have known Sheri Wert for many years.  She is a friend and new business partner of mine – someone I have come to greatly respect and admire.  Sheri has a giving heart, a clear vision of what she wants and she has a tenacity to persist through obstacles like very few people I know.  Week 18 was a pivotal week in her journey and Sheri shares it in her blog.  She stepped out of her comfort zone big time.  She remained “The Observer” as she watched herself apply the knowledge she’s gained over the past 18 weeks in the #MasterKeyExperience.


week 18th journey of a life time

Since the first of the year, I have been struggling first with the flu then a virus.  Still doctoring with this shit……………But I must stay I am moving forward in my journey.  I made a commitment to complete something I have not done since my auto accident back in February 2011.  With MKMMA  I was not sure what I had accomplished in my life and what I had not accomplished.

I was not sure if I should do this or not.  So in January when I started feeling better after the flu, I met a business partner that was looking for a companion to travel to Miami, with.  To share a room and handout with. I like the person and choose to make the commitment.  I told her I don’t feel comfortable traveling so together with the help of each other we should do good.

When on line together booking our flights, I was very calm, not nervous like in the past years.  Really didn’t think anything of it,  I  made the commitment to get on a airplane and fly to Miami, Florida.  It was exactly five years to the day of my travel.

I must say while traveling to the airport with my daughter, I was a little nervous driving on the freeway where five years earlier, I lost control of the car and ended up in the hospital…..

Read the rest of Sheri’s blog here

MKE Week 17HJ – A Circle of Gratitude & Ripple Effect of the MKE

I feel compelled to share a story on this particular week of the Master Key Experience.  It’s about Vicki Eide.  If you are a member of the MKE…. current or past….member, guide or staff… you know who she is.  Mark and Davene credit her many times throughout the course for giving them an epiphany that inspired them to follow their bliss and bring their powerful vision out into the world.  Now living their dream in Kawaii, they impact hundreds of lives every year through the MKMMA course and their Go90Grow skills training program.

“Way back” story:  Many years ago Mark and Davene were invited to Minnesota to do a business training and Vicki had the privilege of hosting them for the weekend.  Her time with Mark and Davene was very impactful and she expressed her gratitude and insight to them in a letter. She said something that really struck Mark and Davene and became one of their pivotal moments. Mark shares the story in the Week 3 webcast.  Here is what she wrote:

“There comes a time when the moment of hesitation between an idea who’s time has come and taking action disappears”

Last year’s Back Story:  It was October, 2014.  I was a new MKE member, desperate for change, listening intently and taking notes on the Week 3 webcast.  There I sat, alone at a table in Panera Bread with my headphones on….feeling connected to >300 people around the world, having one epiphany after another as Mark, Trish and Davene presented the material.   Then Mark shared the Vicki Eide story.

I almost fell off my chair!  He was talking about  MY Vicki Eidemy friend, my neighbor, senior business partner and leader in my Market America team.  Vicki and I had shared so much with each other over the years – personal, family and business.  Yet we had recently been on very different paths.  Between us there had been health challenges, business challenges, caring for aging parents and eventual loss.  Our relationship wasn’t estranged by any means….we were just focused in different directions and spoke with each other rarely.  Suddenly Mark revealed that Vicki Eide was a spark that ignited his and Davene’s vision so many years ago.

My dear friend Vicki Eide was part of the cause of how I came to be sitting in that Panera Bread at that moment….on the path to my bliss!

Overwhelmed with gratitude….I cried quietly at my table in Panera Bread.

I felt compelled to reach out to Vicki and tell her the story.  I was sure she had no idea about the profound impact she had inadvertently had on the world through her influence on the Januszewski’s so long ago.  One can only imagine the ripple effect as we continue into the future.  I took Vicki to lunch and shared how the Master Key Experience was impacting my life – and we listened to Mark convey the story on the Week 3 replay.  I had the opportunity to express my gratitude for her role in helping me….and so many others around the world.  I shed a few tears at that restaurant too…..with Vicki!

Fast Forward to September, 2015:  After that Vicki and I stayed in closer touch –  she was always interested in hearing about my progress.  After completing the course I trained with Mark and Davene to become a Certified Guide and Affiliate for the MKMMA.  I was very proud to refer over 30 new members into the course last fall (it was on my DMP!)….and Vicki Eide was one of them.

Haanel teaches:  Thought is cause, which creates an effect in the world without.
In turn, the effect becomes a cause…..and so on and so on……

Vicki planted a thought….
Mark & Davene create the Master Key Experience…..
Mark gives MKE to Tom Holden…..
Tom gives MKE to me …..
I hear Mark’s “Vicki story” and give MKE to Vicki
Each of us “answers the call”….
And inspire others to do the same.

↑      ↓
↑               ↓

The circle of gratitude has been created…..and continues to perpetuate.  How freaking cool is that??

NOW…..Please enjoy this amazing post from Vicki Eide’s Master Key Blog – Week 17 of her Hero’s Journey.   It brought tears to my eyes….ONCE AGAIN.


Week 17 Staying Connected

Roger, my husband, and I have been together for 40 years.  We have weathered  many events, both high and low.  I have always loved Roger deeply.  I defied my parents by marrying him but I know we were meant to be together. It is not an easy thing to go against the wishes of parents, but my life was so much better with him then not and that has been proven over and over again.  We have intertwined our souls so deeply that I feel his absence deeply if he leaves even for a short trip to the store……

To read the rest of VICKI’S BLOG   click here

MKE Week 17 – “A Shout Out to MLK” by Guest Blogger Christopher Lane

Dr Christopher Lane is good friend of mine.  He is an outstanding chiropractor from Sioux Falls, SD, a consummate entrepreneur, a caring, bright young man.  He’s also a member of the 2015/16 #MasterKeyExperience…and a great writer!  I have followed his blog and have had several conversations with him throughout his MKMMA journey.  His posts are insightful and full of great nuggets!  I especially liked this post and wanted to share.  In his anniversary week of Dr Martin Luther King’s birthday, Chris was moved to connect 2 of Dr King’s well-known quotes with our study of the Master Keys.

So here’s what I am calling:   Dr Chris on Dr King!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Week 17 A Shout Out To MLK


So I’m a little late this week again this week with my blog.  I’m not sure if I’m just waiting for the right words to hit me or if I’m just procrastinating.  I think it’s a little of both.  But the it hit me.  Earlier this week we had Martin Luther King Day, a day to honor an amazing man.  There are a couple quotes of his that really hit me this week.  One was what I posted above.  “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”  Wow.  this goes directly in line with lesson 17.  We focus on what we want.  We work with the law of growth.  The law of attraction. “If you wish to eliminate fear, focus on courage.  If you wish to eliminate lack, focus on abundance.”  The law of growth right there.  That is what I am struggling with a little right now is focusing on courage, abundance, health.  The positives not the negatives.  However what I am figuring out is that I am recognizing when I am looking at the negative more often and am able to get away from that with the law of substitution.

MLKThis moves onto the other quote.  “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?”  This again is right in line with what I’m studying.  You get what you give.  As soon as you truly wake up every day looking at your life as a service to others, as to how you can help other people this will begin to return to you.  Get out of your old blueprint of your life and let go.  The story of how tribes would catch monkeys. in Africa.  The hunter takes a jar with an opening slightly larger than a monkey’s hand. He ties a rope around the neck of it using a knot, called a monkey’s  knot which is a cradle of the rope around the jar.  The hunter places some  food in the glass jar, like rice or a banana slice.  The monkey reaches his hand into the jar, grabs the food, making a fist with his paw. Now, the monkey’s dilemma:  the monkey cannot get his hand out of the jar unless he drops the food. The neck of the jar is simply not wide enough. Of course, the monkey could drop the food and easily get his hand out, but it won’t.

The question is what are you holding onto that is not letting you become the person you were meant to be?  I’m figuring that out.

Till next time

Dr. Christopher “TINY” Lane

MKE Week 16 – Procrastination I Will Destroy With Action: Goodbye Writer’s Block

It’s February 27th, 2016.   We are in Week 21 in the Master Key Course and I am sitting in a coffee shop in Minnesota determined to get past this writer’s block from Week 16 that could only have been created by my old blueprint.  Why have I been procrastinating so badly about this?  It’s been heavy on my mind for 5 weeks now….bringing about that constant, nagging exhausting feeling that comes with procrastination.  Ever since I began my journey through the Master Key Experience in 2014 I have felt a growing confidence that I am eliminating procrastination in many areas of my life…by taking action the minute I recognize that voice inside saying “maybe later”.  Have I been perfect?  Of course not!  But one cannot repeat “Do it Now” multiple times per day for 18+ months and not make some serious progress in destroying this bad habit.  But this journaling…..this writing process….why have I been avoiding it at all cost, obsessing about what to write, making it into a project that doesn’t need to be a project at all?

Week 16 is the “Kindness Week”.  It was a week that I recall was very impactful in my 1st time through the course as a member, yet for some reason I couldn’t remember why…..the specifics.  The assignment was to focus intently on noticing, creating and documenting kindness everywhere we went and we posted 3 kindnesses daily in the Alliances area of the MKMMA back office.  It was easy to become immersed in the back office as you read all the posts.  An authentic mastermind alliance was formed that week as hundreds of members from all around the globe collectively focused their mental energy on observing and creating kindness in the world around them.  Truly amazing.

Now fast forward to this year.  4 weeks into my mental “block” (Week 20) –  I’m still wondering why on earth, in my 2nd year through the MKE as a Certified Guide, I can’t seem to write something relevant or profound during Kindness Week.  Several times I have sat down to begin, only to put it off again until tomorrow.

So I decided to look back at 2014.  Where was I this time last year?  What was going through my heart and mind?  Maybe just reviewing that blog post would move me or give me something to reflect on, to write about.  And then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  It was no ordinary week….I had lost my mother.  I received the news, jumped in the car and drove 22 hrs to be with my siblings to go do all the things families do in the aftermath of such a loss….. tears, laughter, memories, photos, arrangements, notifications, belongings, planning.  For the first time in the Master Key course I was (understandably) off track with my work, with the exercises.  There wasn’t a lot of time to read, sit, blog or flash cards on schedule like I had done so diligently up to that point. My guide advised me not to worry and just to be present with my family that week.

Initially I felt I had “dropped balls” that week and not done my part to focus and engage in the kindness project (let alone score it in the Franklin makeover).  My heart was immersed in loss. Once or twice I had posted in the Alliances area and I had also shared the news on Facebook. On January 17th I finally wrote my blog.  And then the most amazing and wonderful realization came to me.  I had been swept up in a virtual tidal wave of kindness ever since I lost my mother.  I had been bathed and swathed and overwhelmed with kindness and love like nothing I’d ever experienced before. From hundreds of people all around the world – friends, neighbors, acquaintances, ex-co-workers, business partners and SO MANY of my fellow Master Key members.  I felt an overwhelming, authentic, lasting connection with hundreds of people I had never even met.

In the weeks that followed the loss of my mother I started to experience something different in the course. I finally felt like I was awake….for the 1st time in years.  I stopped phoning it in with the exercises (checking off tasks in the workbook every week as directed) and I began to gain more intuition and creative ideas in my “sits”.  My faith in the process grew, my belief in myself grew.  My Hero’s Journey had begun.

If you’d like to read it, here is a link to my Week 16 blog, 2015:

Thank you for reading, and thank you for bearing with me!

Now on to Weeks 17- 21


MKE Week 15 – “I’m Still Nature’s Greatest Miracle” by Guest Blogger Shelby Nolan

Shelby Nolan is a Certified Guide with the Master Key Experience and quite the writer.  I have learned a great deal from her and love reading her blog.  In her Week 15 blog Shelby mentions a recent post that Mark J put up on Facebook that also happened to catch my eye and compel me to share it on my page.  It was an image (a picture says a thousand words) that shows how schools program our kids to conform and become “good little consumers”.  The purpose of the Master Key Course is to create self-directed thinkers…to help adults like Shelby, myself, the other guides and all of the members HELP THEMSELVES… become hero’s in our own lives.   It’s about Self-Reliance!

Here’s Shelby’s blog….Enjoy!


It’s one year later and guess what?

I’m still Nature’s Greatest Miracle!

nature's greatest miracle

We are in week 15 again :-) of the MKMMA program and because we switched to a new month as well, we moved to scroll IV of Og Mandino’s Greatest Salesman Of The World

“I am nature’s greatest miracle”

Since the beginning of time never has there been another with my mind, my heart, my eyes, my ears, my hands, my hair, my mouth. None that came before, none that live today, and none that come tomorrow can walk and talk and move and think exactly like me. All men are my brothers yet I am different from each. I am a unique creature.

“I am nature’s greatest Miracle”

As I think back to week 15 of 2014 I remember thinking this…

“Holy crap!!! Do you mean to tell me that I am not like everyone else on the planet? I don’t have to act, dress, say, do or believe the same things that everybody else does? I don’t have to conform to everybody’s standards of living or ways of doing things?”

Today, this is an even more important thing to realize than it ever was. As I observe people with my MKMMA glasses on, I see them going about their lives with blinders on not realizing that they have special gifts to offer to the world, that they are a miracle with their own uniqueness that if allowed to shine would enhance not only their lives but the lives of others around them. I was like this for a long time, why?

I saw a post from Mark J today on Facebook that explains a bit about why.  This is just the picture, but I believe it says a lot about what our schools did and are doing to us and the generations after us.

conformity Sad to say the least :-(

This is what our schools say… “if you conform you can be whatever you want in life and if you don’t you’ll be a failure”

Are you freaking kidding me????!!!

Ever wonder why you are hearing about so many parents homeschooling their kids? (Kudos to them!)

This is why…
All the schools teach is how to pass a test. They don’t teach real life skills and they definitely don’t teach kids how to think for themselves. They teach them how to be consumers and conform to society…..

Click here to to read the rest of Shelby’s blog!


MKE Week 14 – Science and Spirituality Converge

Last year when I read Lesson 14 I remember being struck by a paragraph in the introduction that discussed the concept of denial.  It was definitely an “aha moment” as I came to understand that we are personally responsible for the existence and subsequent growth of unsatisfactory conditions in our lives (though usually unaware of it).  We actually create and augment our own undesirable circumstances …….through the very process of thinking, focusing and further obsessing over them.  What came to me immediately was the fact that so many people are perpetually in debt….and the more they think about it the more it grows…regardless of whether they worry about being in debt or getting out of it.  Fueled by the powerful emotions of fear, guilt, worry and shame….constant and growing debt begins to plague us.  But now we find the most simple remedy is at our very fingertips – applying the Law of Growth in what I call an “inverse” way.  That is, forget about the unsatisfactory conditions ….and it will atrophy.  But we must learn to apply the Law of Substitution, the Law of Practice and exercise patience (for nature never acts in haste).

Haanel writes:

“if you deny unsatisfactory conditions in your life, you are withdrawing the creative power of your thought from these conditions.  You are cutting them way at the root.  You are sapping their vitality.”

He explains that this denial will not bring about instant change…  “A plant will remain visible for some time after its roots have been cut, but it will gradually fade away and eventually disappear, so the withdrawal of your thought from the contemplation of unsatisfactory conditions will gradually, but surely, terminate these conditions.”

And that most of us have learned to concentrate intently on the things we don’t like, the things we wish were different….giving the unsatisfactory conditions “that measure of energy and vitality necessary to supply a vigorous growth.”

So last year that was my biggest take-away from Lesson 14.

Now here I am….2nd time through the Master Key Experience.
By the way….. have I ever mentioned that I have a chemistry degree?

Ironically, last year as I devoured every treasure my mind was prepared to accept and absorb in the 1st round, I recall that those lessons where Haanel began “talking science” didn’t always interest or resonate with me.  I found much of that content tedious to read, irrelevant or uninteresting… perhaps I thought of it as out-dated or simplistic.  My ego was in the way, for sure.  But I also think this was such a spiritual journey for me that I was indifferent to Haanel’s teachings around the scientific explanations about the power of thought.

This time through the course I find myself tuned in to new messages….new insight… exciting things to ponder as he breaks down the “Universal substance from which all things proceed” -the source of all Power, Wisdom and Intelligence – into omnipresent electrons…..“which fill all material bodies and occupy the whole of what we call empty space”.  That they are directed by Mind to be assembled into atoms, then very specific molecules, then a multitude of compounds, which unite to build the Universe.  He talks about how in the body electrons manifest as cells, and that they “possess mind and intelligence sufficient for them to perform their functions in the human physical anatomy”.  As we know, each cell is specialized, with a specific function, whether it operates independently or as a community with other cells.  And then in a perfect Mastermind Alliance  – “all these cells are moving for a common purpose and each one is not only a living organism, but has sufficient intelligence to enable it to perform it’s necessary duties. “

In summary….Lesson 14 really began to provide me with a deeper scientific understanding and appreciation for how the subconscious mind is the connecting link between the Universal and the conscious mind and that as we come into this realization we can learn to discipline ourselves in the art (and science) of correct thinking…..thereby eventually creating any conditions we desire.

My world without will be a direct reflection of my world within.



MKE Week 13 – Gratitude Cards!

Who would ever have thought that doing something as simple as taking a few moments each day to reflect back and write down 3 things I am grateful for could be so profound?
This simple exercise creates a constant awareness of all the wonderful things I am blessed with every day.  It even helps me notice and welcome the opportunities and lessons that often lie hidden in the midst of daily challenges, stressful interactions and obstacles.

 Gratitude-is-one-of-the-most-medicinalI’ve also been reading the Law of Giving card almost every day for over a year now (actually it’s quite firmly planted in my memory at this point, so I typically just recite it out loud any time the idea strikes me), and  at the moment, the 2nd promise comes to mind…..

“I promise to be a grateful receiver of the gifts that surround me – pausing often and noticing nature, kindnesses, smiles and compliments, which I gladly receive with a ‘thank you'”.

As I link these things I understand that by being diligent with these exercises we give ourselves verbal and visual reminders all day long….that we can create the happiness, the success, the life we want…by operating each day from a place of gratitude.   This keeps me awake and better tuned in to the world, rather than just rolling through another day in a swirl of activity, taking people, places, things, experiences, nature and all life’s other blessings for granted.  During moments of gratitude….you can only feel happy.

Best deck of cards ever!   I will keep flashing!

MKE Week 12 – A Christmas Poem by MKE Member Marilyn Holloway

I’m so proud of Marilyn Holloway. She’s a member of my tribe and as a MKMMA guide, I’ve had the privilege to witness her journey through the Master Keys for the past 13 weeks.  She’s been hard at work applying the principles and knowledge she’s learned and is finding her bliss.  One of Marilyn’s passions is poetry and she is a talented writer.  She shares her work with the world on her poetry blog.  You can also read more about Marilyn’s #MasterKeyExperience on her MKMMA blog

Today is December 25th.  As I sat down this evening to check in on Facebook I came across a wonderful Christmas poem that Marilyn wrote.  It’s also on her MKMMA blog for Week 13.


My Christmas Song For You — Week 13

house in snow

I sing forth this song with the hills all around me,

As the sun guilds the trees at the start of the day,

As frost sparkles on snow while light fills the valley,
My heart overflows with the music of praise.

birds on feeder

I’m grateful today for birds at the feeder,

For cards in the mail and the touch of a friend,

For kids shouting at play and dogs barking with them,

My heart overflows with the music of praise.


kids n dogs


May joy, peace and love be with you forever,

May blessings abound wherever you roam,

May the light in your eyes give light to a stranger,

May your heart overflow with the music of praise.




Irish blessing

Let’s reach out in love to all of creation,

Let’s bring blessings and peace to all people on earth,

Let’s share our joy in the wonder of living,

Let our hearts overflow with the music of praise.


MKE Week 10 – Seeking Solitude in the Silence

Behind on my blog….

The world without has been a complex place the past few weeks and months….. interwoven with family connection, chaos, conflict and a swirl of emotions as 2 parents, 3 adult children, a couple of spouses and 3 dogs have come together in transition to launch a new family catering business.  And for the time being – all living under one roof again, I might add.  My kids are becoming re-acquainted with each other as adults, as friends, as siblings, as business owners.  They’ve moved away, lived on their own, moved back, given up privacy – they’re learning to share, argue, resolve conflict, work together, communicate and take turns holding each other up as one melt-down after another occurs during this insanely busy season for any successful caterer.  In a nutshell … home environment has been a pressure cooker for way too many reasons to list here.   And where am I in all of this?

You guessed it….right square in the middle.

I had a fight with my husband last night that was stupid…..full of misunderstanding, reactivity. My brain manufactured a hefty dose of old peptides, which rushed in to feed my craving cells their fix.   I went to bed feeling consumed…..used up….exhausted and totally OVER the whole thing.

In  the wee hours of the morning, still dark in my bedroom, my chef husband walked out in silence to begin his 14 hr day.  And then – during his car ride to work – we laid the foundation for a conversation to resume tomorrow.  A day for both of us to work, think, process and begin resolution of the complex set of issues that define our household right now.

I tried to go back to sleep in our room, but my mind was racing.  This is not commonplace for me anymore – not since I’ve been studying and applying the principles I’ve learned through the Master Key Experience.   So I sought out the Silence.

I sat in the dark, closed my eyes and attempted to relax and empty my thoughts.  Typically this process is pretty easy for me.  But not today.  As I relaxed my body my mind felt like it was caught up in the eye of a major storm.  Thoughts swirling, it was so noisy in my head, and I struggled every time I tried to calm it.  All I wanted in that moment was to open the channel, establish connection and find serenity.  I just wanted to sit and feel.   Desperate for calmness that wasn’t coming – my thoughts suddenly locked on to my wise, loving, calm, father and nurturing, loving mother…..both of whom lost recently and miss dearly.   And suddenly there I was…. with my secret council on my mountain top in my comfy chair.  A flood of emotion came over me and the tears flowed……and then immediate calm.

No huge revelations in the sit today….just the connection I sought and solitude for about an hour.

And then my beautiful little puppy Callie woke me up and filled my heart with joy as she came out of her cosy bed and made me feel like puppies do – like you’re the most special and awesome person that exists in their world.  We just played while everyone else slept – for about an hour.

And now I feel like “I’m back”