MKE Week 19 – In The Flow of Giving & Receiving

IMG_0004The Law of Giving:  “I promise to keep these 4 promises”:

  1. “Everywhere I go, I bring a gift.  I bring a compliment, a prayer, a trinket, a flower… But I promise I will give something to every person I encounter.”

This is the 1st promise on our Law of Giving index card.  I have been reading this daily, with few exceptions, since I first started the MKE course in September, 2014.  Think about that….18 months, every day, stating these promises out loud to the Universe with enthusiasm. Do you think this might change the way you interact with the world once you internalize this?   I can tell you first hand – once you genuinely enter the “flow” of giving and receiving, everything changes.  “Give more, Get more”.   And it always starts with Giving.

Living by these 4 promises have become engrained habits now, so starting with the 1st promise I wanted to share what I’ve discovered.  I found that the “gift” I bring to others can take on many different forms.  Sometimes it’s a physical, tangible gift such as a trinket, flower, card, tip, treat or coffee… to name a few ideas.  But often it’s given simply in the form of direct, connecting eye contact with someone when you interact with them …or a genuine, listening ear so you actually hear what they have to say (not just with your ears, but with your heart)…and then actually remembering the details and recalling them in a future conversation.  It includes taking an interest in learning someone’s name and then remembering and using it.  It can be a firm, enthusiastic handshake that comes from the heart….while smiling and looking them straight in the eye.  These are the kinds of gifts you give to others when you truly SEE and HEAR them.  And sometimes I think they matter more than trinkets in this busy, “dis-connected” world we live in.

What joy it brings to know you have made someone’s day…or hour…or moment.  Just by giving first.

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