MKE Week 18 – “Journey of a Life Time” by Guest Blogger Sheri Wert

I wanted to share a blog post from another member because I know what a break through she experienced this week.  I have known Sheri Wert for many years.  She is a friend and new business partner of mine – someone I have come to greatly respect and admire.  Sheri has a giving heart, a clear vision of what she wants and she has a tenacity to persist through obstacles like very few people I know.  Week 18 was a pivotal week in her journey and Sheri shares it in her blog.  She stepped out of her comfort zone big time.  She remained “The Observer” as she watched herself apply the knowledge she’s gained over the past 18 weeks in the #MasterKeyExperience.


week 18th journey of a life time

Since the first of the year, I have been struggling first with the flu then a virus.  Still doctoring with this shit……………But I must stay I am moving forward in my journey.  I made a commitment to complete something I have not done since my auto accident back in February 2011.  With MKMMA  I was not sure what I had accomplished in my life and what I had not accomplished.

I was not sure if I should do this or not.  So in January when I started feeling better after the flu, I met a business partner that was looking for a companion to travel to Miami, with.  To share a room and handout with. I like the person and choose to make the commitment.  I told her I don’t feel comfortable traveling so together with the help of each other we should do good.

When on line together booking our flights, I was very calm, not nervous like in the past years.  Really didn’t think anything of it,  I  made the commitment to get on a airplane and fly to Miami, Florida.  It was exactly five years to the day of my travel.

I must say while traveling to the airport with my daughter, I was a little nervous driving on the freeway where five years earlier, I lost control of the car and ended up in the hospital…..

Read the rest of Sheri’s blog here

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