MKE Week 17HJ – A Circle of Gratitude & Ripple Effect of the MKE

I feel compelled to share a story on this particular week of the Master Key Experience.  It’s about Vicki Eide.  If you are a member of the MKE…. current or past….member, guide or staff… you know who she is.  Mark and Davene credit her many times throughout the course for giving them an epiphany that inspired them to follow their bliss and bring their powerful vision out into the world.  Now living their dream in Kawaii, they impact hundreds of lives every year through the MKMMA course and their Go90Grow skills training program.

“Way back” story:  Many years ago Mark and Davene were invited to Minnesota to do a business training and Vicki had the privilege of hosting them for the weekend.  Her time with Mark and Davene was very impactful and she expressed her gratitude and insight to them in a letter. She said something that really struck Mark and Davene and became one of their pivotal moments. Mark shares the story in the Week 3 webcast.  Here is what she wrote:

“There comes a time when the moment of hesitation between an idea who’s time has come and taking action disappears”

Last year’s Back Story:  It was October, 2014.  I was a new MKE member, desperate for change, listening intently and taking notes on the Week 3 webcast.  There I sat, alone at a table in Panera Bread with my headphones on….feeling connected to >300 people around the world, having one epiphany after another as Mark, Trish and Davene presented the material.   Then Mark shared the Vicki Eide story.

I almost fell off my chair!  He was talking about  MY Vicki Eidemy friend, my neighbor, senior business partner and leader in my Market America team.  Vicki and I had shared so much with each other over the years – personal, family and business.  Yet we had recently been on very different paths.  Between us there had been health challenges, business challenges, caring for aging parents and eventual loss.  Our relationship wasn’t estranged by any means….we were just focused in different directions and spoke with each other rarely.  Suddenly Mark revealed that Vicki Eide was a spark that ignited his and Davene’s vision so many years ago.

My dear friend Vicki Eide was part of the cause of how I came to be sitting in that Panera Bread at that moment….on the path to my bliss!

Overwhelmed with gratitude….I cried quietly at my table in Panera Bread.

I felt compelled to reach out to Vicki and tell her the story.  I was sure she had no idea about the profound impact she had inadvertently had on the world through her influence on the Januszewski’s so long ago.  One can only imagine the ripple effect as we continue into the future.  I took Vicki to lunch and shared how the Master Key Experience was impacting my life – and we listened to Mark convey the story on the Week 3 replay.  I had the opportunity to express my gratitude for her role in helping me….and so many others around the world.  I shed a few tears at that restaurant too…..with Vicki!

Fast Forward to September, 2015:  After that Vicki and I stayed in closer touch –  she was always interested in hearing about my progress.  After completing the course I trained with Mark and Davene to become a Certified Guide and Affiliate for the MKMMA.  I was very proud to refer over 30 new members into the course last fall (it was on my DMP!)….and Vicki Eide was one of them.

Haanel teaches:  Thought is cause, which creates an effect in the world without.
In turn, the effect becomes a cause…..and so on and so on……

Vicki planted a thought….
Mark & Davene create the Master Key Experience…..
Mark gives MKE to Tom Holden…..
Tom gives MKE to me …..
I hear Mark’s “Vicki story” and give MKE to Vicki
Each of us “answers the call”….
And inspire others to do the same.

↑      ↓
↑               ↓

The circle of gratitude has been created…..and continues to perpetuate.  How freaking cool is that??

NOW…..Please enjoy this amazing post from Vicki Eide’s Master Key Blog – Week 17 of her Hero’s Journey.   It brought tears to my eyes….ONCE AGAIN.


Week 17 Staying Connected

Roger, my husband, and I have been together for 40 years.  We have weathered  many events, both high and low.  I have always loved Roger deeply.  I defied my parents by marrying him but I know we were meant to be together. It is not an easy thing to go against the wishes of parents, but my life was so much better with him then not and that has been proven over and over again.  We have intertwined our souls so deeply that I feel his absence deeply if he leaves even for a short trip to the store……

To read the rest of VICKI’S BLOG   click here

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