MKE Week 16 – Procrastination I Will Destroy With Action: Goodbye Writer’s Block

It’s February 27th, 2016.   We are in Week 21 in the Master Key Course and I am sitting in a coffee shop in Minnesota determined to get past this writer’s block from Week 16 that could only have been created by my old blueprint.  Why have I been procrastinating so badly about this?  It’s been heavy on my mind for 5 weeks now….bringing about that constant, nagging exhausting feeling that comes with procrastination.  Ever since I began my journey through the Master Key Experience in 2014 I have felt a growing confidence that I am eliminating procrastination in many areas of my life…by taking action the minute I recognize that voice inside saying “maybe later”.  Have I been perfect?  Of course not!  But one cannot repeat “Do it Now” multiple times per day for 18+ months and not make some serious progress in destroying this bad habit.  But this journaling…..this writing process….why have I been avoiding it at all cost, obsessing about what to write, making it into a project that doesn’t need to be a project at all?

Week 16 is the “Kindness Week”.  It was a week that I recall was very impactful in my 1st time through the course as a member, yet for some reason I couldn’t remember why…..the specifics.  The assignment was to focus intently on noticing, creating and documenting kindness everywhere we went and we posted 3 kindnesses daily in the Alliances area of the MKMMA back office.  It was easy to become immersed in the back office as you read all the posts.  An authentic mastermind alliance was formed that week as hundreds of members from all around the globe collectively focused their mental energy on observing and creating kindness in the world around them.  Truly amazing.

Now fast forward to this year.  4 weeks into my mental “block” (Week 20) –  I’m still wondering why on earth, in my 2nd year through the MKE as a Certified Guide, I can’t seem to write something relevant or profound during Kindness Week.  Several times I have sat down to begin, only to put it off again until tomorrow.

So I decided to look back at 2014.  Where was I this time last year?  What was going through my heart and mind?  Maybe just reviewing that blog post would move me or give me something to reflect on, to write about.  And then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  It was no ordinary week….I had lost my mother.  I received the news, jumped in the car and drove 22 hrs to be with my siblings to go do all the things families do in the aftermath of such a loss….. tears, laughter, memories, photos, arrangements, notifications, belongings, planning.  For the first time in the Master Key course I was (understandably) off track with my work, with the exercises.  There wasn’t a lot of time to read, sit, blog or flash cards on schedule like I had done so diligently up to that point. My guide advised me not to worry and just to be present with my family that week.

Initially I felt I had “dropped balls” that week and not done my part to focus and engage in the kindness project (let alone score it in the Franklin makeover).  My heart was immersed in loss. Once or twice I had posted in the Alliances area and I had also shared the news on Facebook. On January 17th I finally wrote my blog.  And then the most amazing and wonderful realization came to me.  I had been swept up in a virtual tidal wave of kindness ever since I lost my mother.  I had been bathed and swathed and overwhelmed with kindness and love like nothing I’d ever experienced before. From hundreds of people all around the world – friends, neighbors, acquaintances, ex-co-workers, business partners and SO MANY of my fellow Master Key members.  I felt an overwhelming, authentic, lasting connection with hundreds of people I had never even met.

In the weeks that followed the loss of my mother I started to experience something different in the course. I finally felt like I was awake….for the 1st time in years.  I stopped phoning it in with the exercises (checking off tasks in the workbook every week as directed) and I began to gain more intuition and creative ideas in my “sits”.  My faith in the process grew, my belief in myself grew.  My Hero’s Journey had begun.

If you’d like to read it, here is a link to my Week 16 blog, 2015:

Thank you for reading, and thank you for bearing with me!

Now on to Weeks 17- 21


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2 thoughts on “MKE Week 16 – Procrastination I Will Destroy With Action: Goodbye Writer’s Block

  1. Chris Stier

    I believe what you wrote was relevant and profound. It does not need to be an actionable item of the MKE, and it is refreshing to know that others struggle with the same issues. I have found that often I can’t write on anything, so i have take to calling my blog my ‘Mental Ramblings’. I am inspired by your openness and ability to share. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Lori Post author

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment, Chris.
      Here’s what I know. Whatever comes to you at any time is a perfect thing to write about. Even if you want to call it “mental ramblings”… there are treasures in there. I’m excited to begin following your blog as well.


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