Master Key Week 16 – Kindness, Sadness & Gratitude

This has been a very profound week for me in my MKMMA journey.  It is the week in which 300 of us from all around the world focused every day on kindness – on observing it in others, receiving it from others, and giving it to others.  And we were instructed to get into the members area and post comments daily about our results.

IMG_0926Rest in Peace, Alma Hammond. You were the best mother anyone could ever wish for.  I will love you forever

I lost my amazing, beautiful mother yesterday (Thursday) and my heart is broken. She was 95 years old and lived a very full life, though she’s been pretty lost since losing my father recently after a long battle with Alzheimers.  My world turned upside with a phone call and needless to say – my MKMMA routine was interrupted yesterday…..I didn’t get in my “sit”, I have no idea if I read everything I was supposed to 2 or 3 times, and what I did read certainly was not “with enthusiasm”.  But as news spread about my mom a virtual avalanche of kindnesses started pouring into my life – calls, texts, FB messages, friends and business partners at my door with flowers, my wonderful husband and kids wrapping their arms, hearts and love all around me (and each other).  My brother, sister and I continue to share incredible love, kindness and support with each other as we process our loss.   And even my Golden Retriever and new dachshund puppy wouldn’t leave my side when I first heard about my mom and had an emotional melt-down.

So what can I say?  I am overwhelmed.  I definitely have received more kindness than I have given out this week.  I totally forgot to do random acts of kindness yesterday and today as I made plans to get in the car and make the 19 hr drive to SC.  But in the car today I spent a couple of hours in the Alliances area reading all of YOUR kindnesses – given out to the world all week.  And I FELT IT, MARK!  Total harmony with hundreds folks, all around the world – together immersed and even giddy about giving kindness to others every day.  It uplifted my heart and made me once again feel part of something so powerful and so special.  And then many of you replied to my comment with even more kindness and love yesterday.  So basically….I am having one huge, extended gratitude attack.

I’m going to continue to execute and post kindnesses next week, even though I have another virtue to focus on with our Ben Franklin Makeover.  Hope that’s OK!


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9 thoughts on “Master Key Week 16 – Kindness, Sadness & Gratitude

  1. Nicole Wright

    Lori, I am so sorry for your loss. It is wonderful that you were so close to your Mom and that she lived such a long, full life. It must be so hard losing both your parents in a short time period. All the love you gave is coming back to you and I am so happy about that. All that good Karma is returning to replenish your spirit. Amazing that you found the time to write such a beautiful blog, it is a beautiful tribute to your mother.

  2. John Reilly

    Sorry to hear of your loss Lori. I hope that the wonderful thoughts you have, will help you through this difficult time.
    Who cares if you received more kindness than you gave out, it was given without expectation of reciprocity at a time when you needed it. I’m sure that there will be plenty of times in the future when you will do the same. Take care.

    1. Lori Post author

      Thank you so much, John. Your support and words of wisdom really helped me get a healthy perspective on things last week. Sorry for the late approvals on everyone’s comments last week. Just getting my feet back under me.

  3. Jlaudenslager (@johnlmkmma)

    Lori, So very sorry over the loss of your mother. Mine was also 95 when she passed away . I also lot my grandson tis past June to a suicide. In the midst of that a clse family friend told me that “sorrow is not forever but love is”. so I leave you with those words and hope they provide you some comfort as they did me and my family.

    Kudos to you for sharing your loss with all of us


    1. Lori Post author

      Thank you, John! Your comments and your understanding – as well as your friend’s words really do mean a lot….for they are based on Truth. I am also so sorry for the loss of your grandson. I can’t imagine what you guys went through, but I am grateful your friend shared that important thought with you. And now here you are, giving it out again. I really appreciate you and your openness.

  4. Burgess Harrison

    Hi Lori. Very nice blog and great comment that Mark put up today. during the session. I noticed that you are in MN. Me too. My wife and live in St Paul. Would love to connect with you. Thank you for your heartfelt blog posts. I will feed off your passion. Cheers.


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