1: MKE 2016 – Gratitude, Growth….A New Beginning

gratitude-growth-perception-shifts-change 480x480Here we are again, the end of September and a new session of the Master Keys has begun!   It’s been an incredible year, rich with continued growth and discovery.  Last year in May, having completed 28 weeks of study with Haanel, Og and the MKMMA staff, I decided to take my training and personal development to a new level and become a Certified Guide.  The reasons I did this were many and though I knew it would be big time commitment, the decision was easy.  My journey through the Master Keys had truly awakened me out of a 30 year adult slumber. And it had left me feeling more alive, more aware and more grounded than I had in years and years…..and definitely craving more growth.  I wanted to discover more within the material and become a better operator of the mechanism.  And I wanted to begin helping other people help themselves.  And so with Davene as my Staff and mentor, I had the honor to work with 14 new members in the 2015/2016 class.  People I had never met who were willing to share their dreams with me and allow me the privilege of helping them refine their DMPs and support them on their own journey.   What a rich and rewarding experience this was in more ways than I could ever begin to explain.

And now I advance to a whole new plane on this great adventure!  Having just returned from the MKE Live Event on Kauai in July and August….followed by a conference in NC for my company….then back to Minnesota for 3 final weeks of guide training, the launch of the MKMMA course and a wonderful new intern guide to work with…I’m PRIMED, PUMPED, AWAKE, ALERT and READY for more!

And so I continue into the Hero’s Journey.  I’m thrilled and honored to be part of a special mastermind alliance with 6 of the most wonderful people, all MKMMA completers and attendees at the Live Event in Kauai this summer.  We are studying a famous trilogy by Wallace Wattles – working in harmony for the next 10 months towards the advancement of our souls, our minds and our bodies.  We love sharing our experiences and masterminding as we apply the wisdom that we gain,  and support and celebrate each other as we continue to manifest our DMP’s.  How freaking cool is that?  I am blessed.

Here’s to Greatness, Wealth and Health!


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