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Week 5 – MK – “MMA”

Fight 2- Piper vs Avila (1)First and foremost – my apologies to The Fabulous Davene for the “quotey fingers”.  But I feel compelled to use them, for it occurred to me this week that “MMA” also stands for mixed martial arts.   I couldn’t help making the analogy this week, as more than once I felt like I was in the proverbial ring with my old blueprint in a fight for the MMA championship.  “OBP”, as I like to refer to her, was pulling out her best 2 moves on me – Overwhelm and Mind-Racer over and over again.  Overwhelm worked especially well on Thursday as we battled for the Press Release round.  I prevailed, of course, but not without a battle.  She pulled out Mind Racer 3-4 times during my daily sit as I worked hard to focus on details of my pleasant memory.  All sorts of random thoughts were trying to gain access -just when I thought I was nailing the daily sits!

Lucky for me and unfortunate for OBP, I never quit.  I’m committed to win.  And she had NO power to overcome my new moves – the Master Key Part 5,  Og’s Scroll 1, my ROCKIN’ DMP and the “BPB’er” not once…but THREE times per day.  We’ve gone 5 rounds so far……but I WILL prevail.  It only remains to be seen whether it will be by “TKO”, Decision or Submission!!!

Week 4 – The Keen Perspective of The Observer

People learn by doing.  And for those of us who went “all in” this week, we’re pouring ourselves into active daily exercise that’s beginning to wear new grooves into our subconscious mind.  We know this….we already feel change and every day our faith grows that the new habits being formed are taking us toward our true purpose. My goodness, if you’re like me….just figuring out what that purpose is and working on articulating it has been a monumental challenge in it’s own right!  But as I’ve come to understand the brilliant purpose, function and interaction of our conscious and subconscious minds – it really hit me how critically important it is to become The Observer.  Davene has said it over and over.  At first I didn’t quite understand what she meant, but this week it really hit home.  Why?  Because those moments of feeling overwhelmed really started to surface for me (daily, actually).  In the moment it’s been really empowering to take pause, notice and acknowledge where it’s coming from – and then override it by taking action.  In our past we’ve often been told to “step back and think” before acting or reacting to something.  Perhaps we were trying to change our behavior or response to someone or something in particular. I think back on many confrontational interactions with my daughter when she was a teenager, for example.  As I allowed my “hot buttons” to be pushed time and time again I was aware of feeling totally alien in my own skin at the time.  No matter how many times I told myself that “next time” I wouldn’t raise my voice or get defensive – that I would take a breath, walk away and THINK before I reacted…..I still found myself in the same behavioral cycle in the heat of the moment every time.  I didn’t know where it all came from, what I could do about it or why I didn’t succeed even though I so badly wanted to be different.  The way I acted in those conflicts was not the real “I”.  The good news is, we’ve both grown immensely since those years (she’s now 28) and our relationship is close and connecting thanks to love, maturity, personal growth (on both of our parts) and time.  But oh how I wish I knew then what I know now! That old blueprint, charged with emotion, creating certain beliefs, driving my reactions, dictating my results…..over and over, same cycle.  Those powerful memories resurfaced this week because now I have some insight about what that was all about – and upon reflection, it occurred to me how different it may have been in those stormy months and years.  I’m not one to look back – neither is my daughter.  She and I have agreed that we have no regrets for any of our past struggles, for they have brought us to where we are today.  Gratitude, enlightenment, confidence and contentment grows within me today.  The future is very bright!


I Don’t Like That – I’m Going to do it Differently!

I’m watching you, Old Blueprint….you’re on your way out, dude!!  🙂

Week 3 – On Blogging and Learning

FINALLY plunged into my dashboard and gave this blog a facelift.  It’s got a long way to go, but I think tonight I went from pre-school to kindergarten!  Really found after watching the Digital Connections webinar tonight that I just needed to get in, click around and experience some of the functionality first-hand.

I’ve actually found that it  helps me a lot to go back and watch the recorded webinars again a day or so after the initial live viewing.  This applies to both the Sunday webinars and the DC webinars on Mondays.  I like to just relax and listen the first time (I take very few notes), take in what I can….then start to apply part of what I learned…..then go back and really listen again.  So much clicks the second time watching the webinar.  This strategy has really helped me gain confidence and better clarity on re-writing my DMP (along with the help of my Certified Guide, of course) and also in my tackling my blog.

Part 3 of the Master Keys – first reading was today.  SO impactful!

More on all the things I’m noticing in week 3 later this week….

Week 2 -DMP

To say the least, this has been a real challenge for me.  When Mark J talked about how we’ve always been taught to write out our goals, get to our “why”, develop an action plan, etc, etc,etc (and over and over we fail to meet them) it really hit home.  I now understand that the problem was never knowing my Definite Major Purpose.  This is forcing me into a place that I want and need to go….so yes, it’s hard, but it’s also exhilarating.

So this week, not really feeling emotionally connected to my first draft, I felt a need to totally overhaul my DMP.  I sat down a couple of times on Tuesday and Wed and started to write, got overwhelmed, re-listened to the webinar, read comments in the Alliances area, then put myself under pressure to get it done on Thursday (yesterday….deadline….last day).   That was my old blueprint – trying to undermine me.  I began to obsess over  getting the new revision done and it’s all I thought about on Wed night and all day Thursday.  I had 3 appointments on Thursday that I felt I couldn’t break, so I had constructed an elaborate plan to get my DMP revision written and submitted in and around my other obligations.  At this point I really felt I had figured out my PPN’s and had some good ideas on what I wanted to put into my revision….so I was excited to write it.  Lo and behold – the phone calls started to come in, people asking me to reschedule the appointments.  So my whole day opened up, I sat down and things started to flow.  Open time manifested….so it was easy to write, express and submit.  I feel it still has a long way to go, but definitely zeroing in on what I want.

Week 2 – Being the Observer

As I near the end of Week 2 in my MKMMA journey, I am noticing several wonderful things – interesting things.  But if I really think about it I am not surprised by what I’m experiencing.  I really feel like I’m becoming a keen observer….of ME.  Having a new awareness of the old blueprint, I notice it trying to exert it’s influence all over the place.  But I’m already starting to feel a sense of power and real faith that I WILL create and install a new blueprint through the daily commitment I have made.  I have not missed a single day on doing all of the required activities ….nor do I intend to.  Some days it’s been a challenge to fit everything in (especially the mid-day readings), but I still find a way to get it done.  This makes me feel very proud and strong, because I have faith that this is exactly what I’ve been searching for.

So what have I noticed?  First of all, a sense of confidence and resolve that this is going to work, because I’m “all in”…. and it feels right.  Something new clicks in the Scroll or the Master Keys every time I read… I feel like I’m having “ah-ha” moments all over the place.  When I do the sit I feel calm and centered and typically have a struggle stopping when the alarm goes off.  I’ve settled in to doing my sit around 5pm, either in my bedroom (if nobody’s home) or in my car if people have started rolling in for the day (NO, not while driving….parked in a quiet lot away from people).  This has become a peaceful, clear way to “put away” my work day and create a better boundary between work and home life.  I come in the door happy, incredibly energized and ready to be “present”. This is a tangible change for me – ever since I started working from home in my own business this has been a struggle and a complaint from family members.  I’ve been better at scheduling everything these past 2 weeks and this has also helped.

Another thing I believe I’m noticing is less “mind clutter” and more “thoughtfulness”.  In other words, I feel a greater sense of mental clarity and focus, and don’t feel as mentally stressed and overwhelmed as I typically do.  And in turn, I feel less reactive and definitely less judgmental when responding to people in business and personal interactions.  Simply put, I’m not letting things bother me as much….and finding it much easier to let go of things I can’t control anyway (like what other people do or don’t do).  And bonus… hot flashes have pretty much stopped (sorry gentlemen….TMI).  But since I know the role that stress plays in hormone imbalance, I’m just saying.  A very welcome side-effect of the MKMMA!


Week 1- On Habits and Sitting…

On Habits

So far, I have read Scroll 1 in Og Mandino’s book “The Greatest Salesman in the World” 12 times in the past 4 days.  I immediately fell in love with it, for the messages contained in those few short pages provide simple clarity on how and why we settle into mediocrity and complacency…..but then empower us to break free and create a new life of abundance through study and application of the Scrolls.  The passage starts and ends with the declaration, “Today I begin a new life”.  For me…it’s a clear line drawn in the sand, discarding old habits.  There will be no going back.   It’s exhilarating.  The exercise of reading Scroll 1 three times per day exactly as prescribed has been interesting, for each time a different segment resonates with me in that moment.  It’s almost like rediscovering the passage over and over.  Below is one paragraph that I found particularly impactful.  It’s about habits:

“As a child I was slave to my impulses; now I am slave to my habits, as are all grown men. I have surrendered my free will to the years of accumulated habits and the past deeds of my life have already marked out a path which threatens to imprison my future”.

How profound is that???   


“My actions are ruled by appetite, passion, prejudice, greed, love, fear, environment, habit, and the worst of these tyrants is habit. Therefore, if I must be a slave to habit let me be a slave to good habits.  My bad habits must be destroyed and new furrows prepared for good seed.”

“I will form good habits and become their slave”.

So clear… simple.  And it simply starts with creating the discipline to read Scroll 1 exactly as described.  It has already become a task I schedule, anticipate with pleasure and almost crave.

On Sitting

Another amazing experience.  It’s only Thursday….but the fast progression of this exercise from challenging (Day 1), to easier (Day 2), to pleasurable (Day 3), to rewarding (Day 4) has blown my mind!  The first day I consciously focused on passing the time – so of course, it seemed long and uncomfortable.  Though I did complete the exercise without movement (other than breathing), my back started to ache and it was all I could do to ignore the various itches my brain delivered to either ear or my nose.  But by today, I found it hard to break the stillness when my 15 minute timer went off….in fact, I sat for 5 mins longer.  I felt peaceful and relaxed, powerful and in control.  It’s amazing how adaptable we are, especially when the new experience rewards us with positive feelings.