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Week 12 – About Og Mandino

The very first audio book I ever listened to after I began my network marketing business was “The Science of Personal Achievement” by Napoleon Hill.  I loved the book and it was especially endearing to me because it was narrated by the author. There was just something about hearing Mr Hill’s own voice tell his story that really drew me in – the conviction, the inflections in his voice and his “old school” style of reading.

What began in this course as a requirement to read certain important literary works – exactly as prescribed – every single day (as part of a carefully planned-out progression for mental development) has now turned into a pleasure and almost an obsession for me.  We are given access to one chapter at a time from Charles Haanel’s Master Key System, which we are to read daily for a full week.   In addition, we have developed the habit of reading each Scroll in Og Mandino’s book “The Greatest Salesman in the World” 3 times/day for an entire month before moving on to the next Scroll.  Each Scroll contains a principle which is hugely impactful when we apply it in our daily lives (as Haanel writes, “knowledge does not apply itself; we as individuals must make the application”).  To supplement, we have been provided other highly relevant essays from Napoleon Hill, Ralph Waldo Emmerson & Emmet Fox to help us make connections between these writings and the daily exercises we execute toward our goal of mastering our thoughts and tapping into the unlimited power we hold within.

Before this course, I had never read anything by Charles Haanel or Og Mandino.  I felt compelled to look up Haanel and read his biography, which I found fascinating (I  highly recommend you do the same).  Then yesterday I had a conversation with my friend, Jeff (who’s also a business partner going through the Go90Grow course with me), about Og Mandino and how we’re using The Greatest Salesman book in MKMMA.  He said he’d read it before, as well as several of Og’s other books, including “The Greatest Secret in the World” (his favorite).  After sharing some great thoughts and insight, Jeff texted me the message: “Have you heard Og Mandino’s story?”.  When I said I hadn’t, he replied, “spend 12 minutes and listen to it here”:

I wanted to share it with my fellow MKMMA buddies – just in case you haven’t had the pleasure.  If you scroll down the page and click on the audio you can hear this beloved man tell his own story –  his own voice.  And below that are 3 great stories about Og told by his wife, Bette – including one entitled “The Night the Ten Scrolls Were Written”.     Enjoy!


week 11 – Press On!

imagesA huge payoff happened this week in our MKMMA course – a moment of extraordinary enlightenment and sudden understanding.  We learned that over the past 10 weeks – as we’ve been digging deep to identify and clearly define our definite major purpose in life, as well as faithfully executed a progression of  tasks, mental exercises, studies, readings, writings, visualizations – we’ve quite literally been “set up” for success!  Napoleon Hill’s renowned lifelong work, (summarized in the book “Think and Grow Rich”), in which he interviewed 504 of the world’s most successful people to determine what key qualities or characteristics they possessed in common – revealed 13 key principles.  And all of these principles were designed to develop the HABIT of PERSISTENCE.  Contrary to popular belief, persistence is a habit -not a characteristic which some people possess and others do not.

So what’s the payoff?  Working in collaboration, Hill and W Clement Stone discovered that there are 4 necessary steps in all walks of life to assure the development of persistence –  4 steps by which one can control their own economic destiny….steps which lead to freedom and independence of thought.  These 4 steps are essentially the “mini-habits” that WE have been developing over the past 10 weeks of this course, namely:

1. A definite purpose, backed by a burning for it’s fulfillment (our DMPs and PPN’s)

2. A definite plan, expressed in continuous action (our POA, focusing on World Within and traction points to move our business or other smart goals forward)

3. A mind closed tightly against negative or discouraging influences, including negative suggestions of relatives, friends and acquaintances (the Mental Diet)

4. Friendly (Mastermind) alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose (MMA with ourself – Gal in the Glass – as well as with at least one other partner and the MKMMA members as a group in the members area.

One key thing that also hit me on last Sunday’s webcast was the undeniable fact that persistence is NOT equivalent to “not quitting”.  People have been tricked into believing that just “hanging in there” will bring them success.  But nothing could be further from the truth – not quitting is not the same as winning!  If we have taken the 4 steps above, remain vigilant to the exercises and understand that everything we have done so far and continue to do in this course will assure that we “form this habit (persistence) and become it’s slave” – WE WIN.

I love this quote by Calvin Coolidge – the last line is completed in blue:


Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.  The slogan “Press On” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”


 2013-12-02 14.42.12My amazing father, George Hammond, passed away one year ago this month. He was an American hero and he was my hero.  He was loved and admired by everyone who ever knew him, worked with him, served with him, loved him.  He was one of the most enlightened people I have ever  known and I have always strived to be more like him – not just because he was my dad, but because he was one of the most amazing human beings on earth.  He left a huge impact on so many.  Over the past 2 months as I’ve read Haanel and Og, worked the exercises, practiced the mental diet and immersed myself in this course, I have identified all the virtues I so loved in George Hammond.  If I didn’t know that MKMMA was Mark & Davene’s fairly recent brainchild, I’d think my dad had taken this course 60 years ago.  But I really do believe he must have read Haanel in his life, and the Greatest Salesman and Emerson….for he lived by the principles therein. I feel my dad has been closely watching me this past year, guiding me forward on this journey.  And one of the things he always used to say to me was, “Press On, Honey”.  


Week 10 – New PPN!

For the past few weeks I’ve been feeling compelled to choose a different PPN and do a major rewrite on my DMP.  Mark said this is not unusual at this particular point in the course and I had been putting a lot of thought into it.  So I took the time this week to really deep and recreate my DMP – with True Health as a PPN instead of Legacy.  The undertaking seemed a little daunting at first since I was faced not only with having to write the full version, but also the movie trailer & press release, shape sheets, plus re-record my new DMP to music and make some changes/additions to my movie poster.  I also re-wrote several of my index cards this week.  I’m still not completely finished with everything, but I will have it all revised by Sunday’s webcast.  Truly, this has been an incredibly rewarding week and it couldn’t have come at a better time.   I feel more emotional attachment to my DMP than ever before and find it easy to read aloud with “unbridled enthusiasm”, especially when I’m out walking.  The Week 9 webcast and the Week 10 video really brought everything together and I’m going on much more than just faith now.  As Mark said, this is SO much more than just working to maintain a scholarship.  It’s application of the knowledge that’s the key to everything.  The Master Key lesson this week blew my mind….as did Og’s Scroll 3 about persistence.  And I also found an incredible partner to form a Mastermind Alliance with and I purchased a turn-key blog.  So this week “off”  has actually been a REALLY productive and fulfilling one.  So I’m ready to take this to a whole new level.  Rock on!!

Week 9 – Giving Thanks

This has been the most impactful Thanksgiving WEEK that I can remember in a very long time.  The funny thing is, we haven’t even had the opportunity to celebrate with our family yet!  That’s coming on Monday.  In order to accommodate our kids’ work and travel schedules we decided to delay our Thanksgiving dinner when everyone could be home.  My husband, being a chef here in the Twin Cities, rarely has Thanksgiving  Day off but yesterday was an exception so we spent a wonderful, relaxing day together and happened upon a lovely brunch at a new restaurant on Lake Minnetonka – where enjoyed a tremendous view of the snow-covered lake on the sunnies of days.

So why such an impactful and memorable WEEK?   It’s me.  That’s all I can say. How can anyone complete 8 straight weeks – day in and day out – immersing themselves in the intense, focused personal development that each and every one of us has….and not be permanently changed?  Reading the Law of Giving aloud (I do it 3x/day with my other cards because it feels awesome) and Og’s Love Scroll three times a day completely changes your view of every person you meet and interact with.  I walk around the earth AWAKE and perpetually positive – making warm, loving connection with people….giving gifts….noticing things about them I never did before….making more thoughtful eye contact….listening better and remembering details of our conversations –  effortlessly!

Then there’s the Master Keys, Emerson’s amazing essay, the Seven Laws of the Mind, the Gal in the Glass, doing the Mental Diet (whoa, is THAT profound), visualizing my movie poster, reading 3 different versions of my DMP, listening to myself reading my DMP to Bach every day, reading and doing the services, noticing shapes and colors with my smart goals, exercising while doing ALL of the above.  Every single day I find myself totally excited to pick these things up and read, listen, stare, absorb  – take it all in.  And so, each day I’m ignited by yet another point, message or connection that stands out better than before.  Haanel was a genius, so was Og, and Emerson, and Emmet Fox, and Napoleon Hill.   (So are Mark and Dave Januszewski for putting this all together for us…if you ask me).

And last but not least – the daily meditation and directed mental exercises, all masterfully designed to build a progression for us to gain control of our thoughts, create exceptional focus and concentration, unleash our imagination and learn to skillfully visualize everything and anything we desire in our lives.   Work on the cause…..the effects will follow.  Our lives change because we change.   The Law of Growth, The Law of Attraction.  We have the power to manifest.  We know the truth.

So basically what I’m saying is that I feel an enormous sense of gratitude that grows with each passing day.  So this Thanksgiving week has been a particularly memorable one.   Positive change and progress is happening on every level – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial.

And so I will leave you with one of my very favorite songs – sung by the great, late Eva Cassidy – to uplift you on this special day:

“And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true”

Week 8 – Making Connections & Still on the Diet!

On this week’s webcast Davene talked at length about how important is to really notice and understand the linking, connecting and the timing between all of the principles and natural laws we’re learning about and putting to use in our daily lives.  I find myself so immersed and inspired to read and practice every day, not only out of faith that it will help me master the world within, but also because I’m fascinated with how I seem to pick out something new and wonderful with each read.  Whether it’s the 7th day on a given Master Key, the 90th time reading a Scroll in Og, the second time through Emerson’s Law of Compensation or Fox’s Mental Diet…. something relevant and perfectly timed for what I need in the moment comes into realization.  The last few weeks have presented me with numerous challenges, which I have now come to recognize as opportunities to notice my thoughts and reactions and consciously make different choices.  It’s even empowering to realize that I can choose to feel grateful and celebrate past failures, or reactive behaviors, or Mental Diet “restarts”, because they’re all raising my awareness, teaching me to wake up and tune in!

Tune in to what?  To me!

My mental diet continues and I have 2 days under my belt without a negative thought.  TV has also been off  for 3 days now, which is not a struggle for me personally because I rarely watch it and typically go to other rooms to read or do other things. However, the other adults in my household watch TV often (or have it going in the background) .  Though attempting to be supportive, they are not as thrilled about turning off all media as I am….but they’re trying.  Tonight everyone went to a movie together and I had no idea what we were going to see.  About 20 minutes into the film it became apparent that the story and main character were very negative so I actually tried to close my eyes and fall asleep in the theater.  I wasn’t successful, but I just tuned out as best as I could.  After coming home I read MK 8, Og Scroll 2 and all my cards.  And since I’m not sure about the impact of this movie on my mental housecleaning….I decided to restart again and continue for 7 days on the mental diet.   Honestly, I am in love with being on the mental diet, so this does not make me sad at all.  But I’ve learned something valuable – unless it’s a Disney movie, I’d best avoid the theater as well!

Week 7 – The 7 Day Mental Diet

As I begin writing this post for the second time today (yes that’s correct, the second time)….. I am excited to announce that I’ve just completed my first 24-hr period of no negative thoughts!  Why is this even more exciting than 15 minutes ago when I attempted to publish my first post?  Because having not saved my draft first, everything was lost when I hit the “publish” button.  And I have to say, I thought I had expressed some pretty insightful things in the first version of today’s blog 🙂  But here’s the best part – even at that moment of realization that my post was lost in the ethers, I didn’t get mad or think anything truly negative.  There was just a split second of disappointment, after which I quickly followed with a small sigh and said, “oh well, I’ll just need to re-write it”.  That’s it!  This was in stark contrast to the @!!*@#!!@!#@ that may have come out of my mouth a week ago if this had happened.

So I was commenting on how many times I had to restart the Mental Diet this week on Monday – Thursday, though it was fewer and fewer times each day as the week went on.  I was actually stunned the first couple of days to discover how often a negative thought enters my mind or comes flying haphazardly out of my mouth – typically masquerading as sarcasm or snide humor. I have always thought of myself as a very positive person, an eternal optimist.  So this was very enlightening.  I was struck by the realization that sometimes we’re totally unaware of our bad habits.  This may seem like I’m stating the obvious, but before this week I would have told you I was fully aware of my bad habits and that I knew exactly what I needed to do to change them.  So this one caught me by surprise (what an ego!).   But here’s what I know.  As I internalize the messages in Og’s Scroll 1 – “my bad habits must be destroyed and new furrows prepared for good seed” and “only a habit can subdue another habit” – and apply the Law of Substitution….I win!  I read Emmett Fox and became obsessed with completing the 7 Day Mental Diet.  Between this, Emerson’s Law of Compensation (OMG I love that), reading Scroll 2 over and over, as well as reading and listening to Parts 6 & 7 of the Master Keys – seriously, you can’t emerge from this without being changed forever.  So I can’t wait to emerge from each new day without a negative thought!  That is powerful.

A final thought:

We are 7 weeks into MKMMA and I am already a changed person.  There’s no going back.  I am more alive, awake, have more love in my heart and more excitement for the future than ever before.  I believe I can have more positive impact on the world than I ever imagined in my 57 years.  And last but not least….the connection I feel to all 300+ of my fellow MKMMA members all over the world – whom I’ve never met, yet we exist in perfect harmony with this common purpose – is nothing short of amazing.  I understand the true meaning of a Mastermind Alliance.  I feel it.  It’s profound.

Week 6 – Challenges

“I will endure sadness for it opens my soul…..I will welcome obstacles for they are my challenge.
I will greet this day with love in my heart.”

-Scroll 2, The Greatest Salesman in the World

This past week life has thrown me a few curve balls.  My mother’s health took a sudden turn for the worse and I am feeling a sense of urgency to get down to SC to be by her side.  Having recently lost my father after a 5 yr battle with Alzheimers…. and the potential of facing it all again brought up a lot of tough emotions.  Also, to add a little stress to the mix – my car broke down (sort of permanently… transmission) and navigating the schedules of 5 people in my household on 2 vehicles all week has been a big challenge.  Between a busy schedule, my determination to stay in harmony with my daily MKMMA activities, the logistics of arranging for quick travel and making the necessary decision to postpone car decisions until I return….. I have had LOTS of opportunities to be The Observer.  I have to admit there were a couple of melt-downs and I felt like I was fighting my old blueprint almost daily as feelings of fear and being overwhelmed kept surfacing.  But just being aware of this and stepping back to take notice of these reactions was very insightful and empowering.  I found myself pouring my emotions into my readings this week…….and the principles and messages in the “Love Scroll” and MK Part 6, along with that awesome blueprint builder and my DMP kept me grounded – as did all of your awesome blog posts and masterminding in the members area.  You all reminded me of my mission to discover who I am and what my purpose is.  So thank you, fellow MKMMAers!

“Eventually I find myself reacting to all situations which confront me as I was commanded in the scrolls to react, and soon these actions and reactions become easy to perform, for any act with practice becomes easy.”  

“Yet in my allotted time I must practice the art of patience, for nature never acts in haste.”

–Og, Scroll 1