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8: Make my Day! – by Guest Blogger Gigi Kornfuehrer

I couldn’t help but share this one.  Such a small, simple concept….but when you’re immersed in Og’s Scroll 2 (which we MKMMAer’s call “the love scroll”) it spills out into every moment.  We become happier day by day and it shows in our voices, our faces, our eye-contact and body language, our health, our relationships…..and it’s CONTAGEOUS!

Week 8 Make My Day!

It was simple enough. I just answered the telephone. I recognized the caller ID as being a small local business. I had left a message for a specific person the previous day, but the caller might have been any of the about 10 people at this business. All of those people were known to me. I very brightly said “Good morning!” The caller was totally taken aback and said “You just made my day!” Mind you, it was only 8:30 a.m. and the office wasn’t officially open yet. I never did ask if her day, early as it was, was already dragging her down. But, I had made her day.

It is the little things that we do for ourselves or for others that can make a positive difference. A smile, a compliment, a listening ear – show someone that you care. I made the caller’s day, but it was reflected back onto me and I felt good for helping someone else.

7: Putting the Law of Forgiveness Into Practice! – featuring guest blogger, Linda Miske

Linda Miske is one of the coolest, most positive people I know.   We are both entrepreneurs building the same business model and we share a passion for helping others achieve freedom from time and financial constraints.  When I went through the Master Keys as a new member, Week 7 – in which we collectively put into practice the Law of Forgiveness – was a key moment in my life.  In what I call a global mastermind session, over 300 of us sat immersed in the lesson Mark and Davene so masterfully delivered, and then in a mutual moment of silence we all turned inward and made the DECISION to forgive everyone and anyone we had ever had resentment toward (including ourselves).  It floored me how easy and immediate this was to accomplish.  When you’re really ready to put this law into practice in your life…this momentary decision to forgive is immediate and permanent.  And the feeling of freedom is magnificent.

My friend, Linda, expressed this wonderfully in her Week 7 blog post, which I have shared a portion of below.  Her journey through the Master Keys is producing wonderful results in her life, so when you visit her blog  I encourage you to take some additional time to follow, read and comment on her continuing journey.

I freaking LOVE  the Master Key Experience!   To be continued…..

Week 7 – Forgiveness and Love


I really loved the lesson this week on Forgiveness.  Doing the exercise of forgiving myself and other’s for all past transgressions was TOTALLY amazing for me.  When I finished I felt cleansed and very open.  I have things in my past that I had not forgiven myself for, although I kept praying for it.  I finally feel that I can move on and quit beating myself up for those sins….

Click here to read Linda’s complete, awesome post!

6: No Opinions!

Was anyone else out there blown away to discover how opinionated they are?

No?  OK….maybe it’s just me.

I’ve often complained that my family members (and sometimes other people too) constantly ask me questions about EVERYTHING under the sun…. things that there’s no way I should know the answer.  It’s almost like they don’t even expect me to answer – they just ask.  Like where’s so-and-so, why did she do that, what does that mean, what was he thinking, how come things are this way or that?   Half irritated, half jokingly, I’ve often asked: “What’s my name, Lori Google Enrico?”.

Then I recall one of the many profound things I learned from Mark J:
We teach people how to treat us!

Act like you know the answer to everything…spew out opinions about everything….attempt to solve all the problems…..and guess what?   You make it easier for others to just ask instead of thinking for themselves.  It’s enabling, not empowering.  You rob them of their own problem-solving and discovery process.  So what do I get from it all?  An overactive ego!   Who made me the expert?  Apparently, I did.

I love this exercise of working to give no opinions.  It’s freeing.  I’m becoming a better question-asker, a better listener and it’s initiating more stimulating conversations with my family, friends and business partners.  I’ve had several opportunities to engage with someone I care about who’s seeking answers to a problem or challenge over the past few weeks.  ….and by asking and listening, I’ve had the great pleasure of witnessing them discover the answers for themselves!  By guiding and listening….not telling, not influencing, not solving…….it empowered both of us.

Now I’m going to go write “no opinions” on my hand in pen – just like I did as a kid – so I can remind myself of my objective.

Have a great week!

5: Manifesting True Health

One thing I’ve come to understand since embarking on this study is that those “random” inklings, those urges, the out-of-nowhere people or ideas that pop into your mind… are often inspiration or wisdom coming from from Infinite Intelligence – from a source much greater than ourselves.  It is wise to listen and take action on the thought, for when this happens we are tapping into the realm of divine ideas.  As we train our minds to “tune in”, we can come into harmonious relations with the Source, which is working to help us help ourselves, inspiring us into action toward the manifestation of our purpose.

One of my PPNs is True Health.  Physically I have been struggling over the past 4 years with declining fitness, increasing inflammation, increasing body fat and degenerative joint disease.  All of these symptoms really caught me off guard as they came on quickly at 55 after I went through menopause and simultaneously suffered a back strain while lifting in the gym.  To put this into perspective and help you understand the mental impact this had on me, I will attempt to paint a picture of what the prior 5 years had looked like (my early 50’s).  I had successfully dropped (and kept off ) the 48 lbs and15% body fat I had picked up in my 30’s and 40’s.  I had the best muscle mass, strength and definition of my entire adult life….as well as endless energy and stamina.  All of this I achieved despite the hormonal upheaval of peri-menopause.  I was a certified coach and trainer with a national health & weight loss program, a consultant implementing customized health solutions into private medical practices. I was full of confidence and had the firm belief that any woman at any age CAN overcome what many call the “inevitable” mid-life weight gain (most particularly around the middle).  And I had many client success stories to prove it.

So within a 90 day period, the sudden hormone imbalance and system-wide inflammation hit me hard.  I stopped seeing my personal trainer and eventually stopped going to the gym altogether.  As the problems with my feet progressed, I went from walking 5-7 miles/day one summer….to 3  miles/day the following summer (with a necessary day of recovery afterward)….to this past year asking people to drop me off at the front door of a restaurant so I didn’t have to walk across the parking lot.  I was starting to look, feel and act older than my age and I was over it.  I laid down all of my health certifications with all their associated Continuing Ed requirements – a choice I made in order to make time for the challenging MKMMA course….but admittedly – also because I felt self-conscious coaching others to better health and fitness while watching my own weight continue to go up.

Around mid-August of this year, a certain person kept popping into my mind so during MKMMA launch week I reached out to her on Facebook.  She is a well known fitness and nutrition expert, a former mentor of mine and someone who’s knowledge and experience I greatly respect. My desire to reconnect was primarily focused on introducing her to the MKMMA course because she is a great influencer and has a far reach.  But as we caught up on personal/family stuff, the MKMMA, our growing businesses and my health challenges, it became very clear to me that she had the answers to this growing puzzle that was my health.  She was the person who could coach me back to strength and vitality.  Her program was ALL about helping people reduce system-wide inflammation, balance hormones, change their mindset (hello!) and customize their exercise program to address issues just like mine.  And so I took action.  I hired her as a coach and I now have a systemized plan and it’s working beautifully.  1 month under my belt and my Inflammation and joint pain is WAY down, I’m losing body fat, weight  and inches….and I came through toe surgery this week seamlessly.  My confidence, belief in myself and faith that I’m on the right track has never been higher.

This is not the only time recently that I’ve listened and taken action on an inner voice compelling me to form a mastermind alliance with someone. Two other people have come into my life with offers to help me stay on track with plan and purpose toward achieving my DMP.  I feel that i have finally formed a perfect mastermind alliance with the 4 best people I could ever dream of.  This was the missing piece in my plan for the past year – and I knew it.  Nobody makes it without a mastermind!  Seems I used to resist this idea because I had a little ego problem (“I can overcome challenges myself drama”).  But now I get it.

Ask and you shall receive.  Thank you to my coaches for all your support and tough love.  I love you all and know that my success will inspire others to help themselves, to set themselves free.

4: Habits

A foundational part of the methodology created (and masterfully delivered) for the Master Key course are the 10 Scrolls contained in the Greatest Salesman book.  In Scroll 1 we proclaim, “today I begin a new life”.  We shed our old skin, leave behind mediocrity and complacency, reject failure and open ourselves to universal principles and truth.   We learn that each scroll contains a principle which drives a bad habit from our life and replaces it with one which brings us closer to success. Why is this so important?  It’s simple.

“Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure.”  So…. “I will form good habits and become their slave”

The first of our new habits is to read each scroll for thirty days, 3 times/day as directed before moving on to the next scroll.  That’s 90 reads…and the final one each day is enthusiastically read out loud right before going to sleep.

And why is that so important?

I know I just keep quoting Og here….but his writing is just so darn beautiful:

“As I repeat the words daily they soon become a part of my active mind, but more important, they also seep into my other mind, that mysterious source which never sleeps, which creates my dreams and often makes me act in ways I do not comprehend.”

As our subconscious mind consumes and accepts the words and principles in the scrolls……it becomes fertile soil into which we plant our DMP.  And since what we think about grows….we will manifest our ideal in direct proportion to how serious we take this message, how vigilant we are in doing the daily exercises and the SIT.  That’s our job.  The rest is done for us.  We create the INTENTION (and the habits).  And the METHOD behind the “awesomeness” (not using the word madness because it’s negative, yes?) has been worked out over several years by Mark, Davene and their team.  That’s what they mean by “we’ve got your back”.  These methods work!  I’m one of many who can testify personally to this.

So just DIG IN…  DO IT NOW.

The payoff will be greater than you can possibly imagine.

One more question……maybe I can take a VOTE:

Do you think I need a new GS book?????

Actually, I’ve loved this one for 2 years….must keep!


3: The Thrill of Guiding Others Through the Master Keys – “In the Flow” by Guest Blogger Jessica Foreman

One of the most thrilling things about being a Certified Guide with the Master Keys is just witnessing the unfoldment of people.  Every member’s experience is different, yet they are comrades in hard work, effort, open-mindedness, trust, transformation and change.  They begin to form a true mastermind with one another as the weeks unfold, sharing challenges, tips, support and honesty.  As I have come to know each of my tribe members this year, I have been especially blessed to witness the early discovery and growth process of Jessica Foreman.  She is a creative, loving, giving, exuberant woman – and she’s a fellow Minnesotan!  Assisting her in the development of her DMP has been an honor and privilege – and I especially loved reading her Week 6 blog post.  See the wonderful things happening for Jessica in this amazing journey!


Week 6: In the flow

This week all of a sudden there was a lightness I hadn’t felt in months! I found myself easily giving in the areas where I felt led and where I have responsibilities. The readings were fruitful and didn’t feel like an interruption to what “I” wanted to do.  Gifts also were freely given to me….

Read the rest of Jessica’s post here:

2: Living in the NOW

Throughout my life I’ve heard people talk or write about “Living in the Now”. During most of my adult life I would have told you it sounded great, felt philosophical, maybe a bit idealistic and was reserved for people who weren’t so “busy”. I put roughly the same amount of mental thought into pondering the cliche “Stop and Smell the Roses”. For certain, both of these “warm fuzzies” have been embossed onto inspirational greeting cards, written about in books, discussed in movies, in church services and philosophized by thousands of people throughout the years. “Yep”, I would agree…..”we should all really stop to do this once in awhile”….but life is just so busy! When someone told me to live in the moment or stop and smell the roses I would think, “maybe after finals are over” or ” when work slows down”….or “when the baby starts sleeping at night”….or “maybe when the kids are in school”….. then came “maybe when by business slows down” or “maybe in the summer”. Then, as my parents started their slow, heartbreaking decline this concept started to hit home. I would drive 19 hrs to visit them, 5-6 times per year for 8 years and just sit with my Dad for hours, waiting for those glimpses of lucidity when he would make loving eye contact with me like he used to when we could have congruent conversations together. Same with my mother – just being there without anything in particular to “do”…..just being present. Tears came to my eyes every time as I wondered, “where did all those precious moments go?”.
When I attended the Master Key Live Event in Kauai this summer, Mark J did a powerful segment on Attachment. His passionate appeal was designed to help us come to the realization that NOW is all there is. It’s all there ever has been and all there ever will be. The very moment in which we stand right NOW is the only reality that exists. Every past experience in our lives happened when it was NOW. Every future moment we’re given will occur when it is NOW. We spend so much of our lives anticipating some future moment when circumstances will change – one that’s somehow better than this moment for taking action…or calling that friend….or getting to the gym….or playing with our kids or a beloved pet….or noticing the breathtaking beauty that nature demonstrates every day (regardless of where you live). I learned that what prevents people from living in the NOW, completely present, full of wonder and gratitude, wide awake senses and a burning desire to take action… ATTACHMENT. Attachment to the past. Attachment to the future.
Our attachment to the past keeps our brains engaged in fast thinking. We make quick decisions without careful thought and deliberate consideration…..and our decisions are typically rooted in associative memory. Depending on our past experiences and programming, it keeps us from paying attention, from opening our minds, from taking action, taking risks, embracing opportunities, feeling our feelings, being grateful and being fully present with the people in our midst. Our attachment to the future – some “perfect moment” when everything is better….or slower….or something…… also keeps us from being present right here, right NOW. We’re so eager to get to a different moment that we perceive as better or more important that we don’t tune into what’s happening NOW.  Simply put – we miss things. A lot of things. And we become numb to the wonder around us.

This wonderful short video illustrates this beautifully:

I have learned that living in the NOW – noticing nature NOW – loving everyone right NOW – taking action NOW – with a pure, grateful heart is the key to my happiness, my progress, my success. If you’re like I was, you may be thinking, “how in the world do you train your mind to always live in the NOW? How do you get to this place of awareness?”
Simple – The Law of Practice….and some patience. Persistent Practice Produces Perfect Presentations (to the subconscious mind). There’s a reason this is one of the 7 Laws of the Mind….it’s important. I have been practicing living right NOW with gratitude every day since this whole concept hit me so squarely between the eyes in Kauai. Through daily (hourly, momentary) practice I am getting much better. I tune into precious moments and notice so many new things happening around me. I’m working hard on mastering the art of becoming a keen observer, on detaching from my past (that NOW is over) and detaching from my future (that NOW will unfold, as I continue to develop my vision, purpose and faith. And suddenly, I’m seeing beauty and magnificence in things I never noticed before. Every day.

To quote one of my new favorite authors (Mark J):

“I am grateful that I am, day-by-day, minute-by-minute more and more aware of the infinite bounty surrounding me.  Each passing moment I become more humbled by the unmerited gifts and opportunities continuously cascading into my life.   Any shame my mind begins to experience for the self-centeredness I previously lived with and self-pity that blinded me from seeing the real riches of life I’ve always been blessed with is quickly extinguished by a great truth.  Now.  Now is all there is. Now is all there ever was and now is all there ever will be.”  –Standing Tall

Thank you, my friend.

1: MKE 2016 – Gratitude, Growth….A New Beginning

gratitude-growth-perception-shifts-change 480x480Here we are again, the end of September and a new session of the Master Keys has begun!   It’s been an incredible year, rich with continued growth and discovery.  Last year in May, having completed 28 weeks of study with Haanel, Og and the MKMMA staff, I decided to take my training and personal development to a new level and become a Certified Guide.  The reasons I did this were many and though I knew it would be big time commitment, the decision was easy.  My journey through the Master Keys had truly awakened me out of a 30 year adult slumber. And it had left me feeling more alive, more aware and more grounded than I had in years and years…..and definitely craving more growth.  I wanted to discover more within the material and become a better operator of the mechanism.  And I wanted to begin helping other people help themselves.  And so with Davene as my Staff and mentor, I had the honor to work with 14 new members in the 2015/2016 class.  People I had never met who were willing to share their dreams with me and allow me the privilege of helping them refine their DMPs and support them on their own journey.   What a rich and rewarding experience this was in more ways than I could ever begin to explain.

And now I advance to a whole new plane on this great adventure!  Having just returned from the MKE Live Event on Kauai in July and August….followed by a conference in NC for my company….then back to Minnesota for 3 final weeks of guide training, the launch of the MKMMA course and a wonderful new intern guide to work with…I’m PRIMED, PUMPED, AWAKE, ALERT and READY for more!

And so I continue into the Hero’s Journey.  I’m thrilled and honored to be part of a special mastermind alliance with 6 of the most wonderful people, all MKMMA completers and attendees at the Live Event in Kauai this summer.  We are studying a famous trilogy by Wallace Wattles – working in harmony for the next 10 months towards the advancement of our souls, our minds and our bodies.  We love sharing our experiences and masterminding as we apply the wisdom that we gain,  and support and celebrate each other as we continue to manifest our DMP’s.  How freaking cool is that?  I am blessed.

Here’s to Greatness, Wealth and Health!


MKE Week 21 – Boundaries

My daughter recently forwarded me an email that she received from a mentor and coach of hers on the topic of boundaries.  I wanted to share some of her thoughts because they resonated with me and and I felt they could be helpful to others.  One thing she pointed out was that a big component in the practice of self-responsibility is setting boundaries….something she felt many women struggle with.  “Of course, it’s not entirely our faults”, she wrote.  “We’re taught that being nurturers, caregivers, and putting others needs before our own is how to love, right?  Wrong. ”

I’d like to share her insights:

“Thank you for taking care of your needs.”
I went to an event a few weeks ago where we practiced saying yes and saying no.When someone said no, “Thank you for taking care of your needs” was how we were instructed to respond to their no.
This response and the why behind it has been reverberating my Life so much since then.
When someone says no, not only is it not personal or a rejection, it’s a beautiful thing to witness.
It’s beautiful because that person is honoring themselves. If you’re the one saying no, you’re honoring yourself.It’s not your job to please others.
Saying yes when you’d really rather say no is dishonorable to both you and whomever you’re lying to. Because that’s what it is, a lie.
So honor your no, honor your yes, above all else, honor yourself and TRUST.
Trust yourself.
Trust that people can handle your no.
The other thing Monique Darling, the facilitator of that event explained is that when you can trust someone’s no, you can trust their yes. Because when someone is comfortable saying no, you know that their yes always means yes.
So this is a great place to start with boundaries.
Identify the places where you’ve been saying yes and meaning no. And, practice not taking it personally or as a rejection when someone says no to you, but rather honoring that they are taking care of their needs.
Feels good, right?

MKE Week 20 – Your Spiritual Power Awaits You – by Guest Blogger Patty Bender

Patty Bender is a member of my MKE tribe this year.  It’s been an honor to work with her and witness her journey through 20+ weeks of self-discovery.  Patty is a great example of a member who understands that “knowledge does not apply itself”.  Her fidelity to the daily exercises are paying off big time because Patty embraces the hard mental labor it takes to train your mind, to become self-directed and to manifest your DMP.  Simply stated, she does the work.   I love her insight into the Master Key lessons and wanted to share her Week 20 post with you.  Enjoy!


Master Key 20 – Your Spiritual Power Awaits You

Oh my goodness, Master Key 20 gets me so fired up! I have truly enjoyed and taken full advantage of the Master Key system in my life. My favorite part of MKMMA, is doing the daily Sit for each master key. We focus on each master key for one week. 20:9 says, but perception will come only in the Silence; this seems to be the condition required for all great purposes. You are a visualizing entity. Imagination is your workshop. It is here that your ideal is to be visualized….

Click here to read the rest of Patty’s blog.