7: Putting the Law of Forgiveness Into Practice! – featuring guest blogger, Linda Miske

Linda Miske is one of the coolest, most positive people I know.   We are both entrepreneurs building the same business model and we share a passion for helping others achieve freedom from time and financial constraints.  When I went through the Master Keys as a new member, Week 7 – in which we collectively put into practice the Law of Forgiveness – was a key moment in my life.  In what I call a global mastermind session, over 300 of us sat immersed in the lesson Mark and Davene so masterfully delivered, and then in a mutual moment of silence we all turned inward and made the DECISION to forgive everyone and anyone we had ever had resentment toward (including ourselves).  It floored me how easy and immediate this was to accomplish.  When you’re really ready to put this law into practice in your life…this momentary decision to forgive is immediate and permanent.  And the feeling of freedom is magnificent.

My friend, Linda, expressed this wonderfully in her Week 7 blog post, which I have shared a portion of below.  Her journey through the Master Keys is producing wonderful results in her life, so when you visit her blog  I encourage you to take some additional time to follow, read and comment on her continuing journey.

I freaking LOVE  the Master Key Experience!   To be continued…..

Week 7 – Forgiveness and Love


I really loved the lesson this week on Forgiveness.  Doing the exercise of forgiving myself and other’s for all past transgressions was TOTALLY amazing for me.  When I finished I felt cleansed and very open.  I have things in my past that I had not forgiven myself for, although I kept praying for it.  I finally feel that I can move on and quit beating myself up for those sins….

Click here to read Linda’s complete, awesome post!

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