5: Manifesting True Health

One thing I’ve come to understand since embarking on this study is that those “random” inklings, those urges, the out-of-nowhere people or ideas that pop into your mind… are often inspiration or wisdom coming from from Infinite Intelligence – from a source much greater than ourselves.  It is wise to listen and take action on the thought, for when this happens we are tapping into the realm of divine ideas.  As we train our minds to “tune in”, we can come into harmonious relations with the Source, which is working to help us help ourselves, inspiring us into action toward the manifestation of our purpose.

One of my PPNs is True Health.  Physically I have been struggling over the past 4 years with declining fitness, increasing inflammation, increasing body fat and degenerative joint disease.  All of these symptoms really caught me off guard as they came on quickly at 55 after I went through menopause and simultaneously suffered a back strain while lifting in the gym.  To put this into perspective and help you understand the mental impact this had on me, I will attempt to paint a picture of what the prior 5 years had looked like (my early 50’s).  I had successfully dropped (and kept off ) the 48 lbs and15% body fat I had picked up in my 30’s and 40’s.  I had the best muscle mass, strength and definition of my entire adult life….as well as endless energy and stamina.  All of this I achieved despite the hormonal upheaval of peri-menopause.  I was a certified coach and trainer with a national health & weight loss program, a consultant implementing customized health solutions into private medical practices. I was full of confidence and had the firm belief that any woman at any age CAN overcome what many call the “inevitable” mid-life weight gain (most particularly around the middle).  And I had many client success stories to prove it.

So within a 90 day period, the sudden hormone imbalance and system-wide inflammation hit me hard.  I stopped seeing my personal trainer and eventually stopped going to the gym altogether.  As the problems with my feet progressed, I went from walking 5-7 miles/day one summer….to 3  miles/day the following summer (with a necessary day of recovery afterward)….to this past year asking people to drop me off at the front door of a restaurant so I didn’t have to walk across the parking lot.  I was starting to look, feel and act older than my age and I was over it.  I laid down all of my health certifications with all their associated Continuing Ed requirements – a choice I made in order to make time for the challenging MKMMA course….but admittedly – also because I felt self-conscious coaching others to better health and fitness while watching my own weight continue to go up.

Around mid-August of this year, a certain person kept popping into my mind so during MKMMA launch week I reached out to her on Facebook.  She is a well known fitness and nutrition expert, a former mentor of mine and someone who’s knowledge and experience I greatly respect. My desire to reconnect was primarily focused on introducing her to the MKMMA course because she is a great influencer and has a far reach.  But as we caught up on personal/family stuff, the MKMMA, our growing businesses and my health challenges, it became very clear to me that she had the answers to this growing puzzle that was my health.  She was the person who could coach me back to strength and vitality.  Her program was ALL about helping people reduce system-wide inflammation, balance hormones, change their mindset (hello!) and customize their exercise program to address issues just like mine.  And so I took action.  I hired her as a coach and I now have a systemized plan and it’s working beautifully.  1 month under my belt and my Inflammation and joint pain is WAY down, I’m losing body fat, weight  and inches….and I came through toe surgery this week seamlessly.  My confidence, belief in myself and faith that I’m on the right track has never been higher.

This is not the only time recently that I’ve listened and taken action on an inner voice compelling me to form a mastermind alliance with someone. Two other people have come into my life with offers to help me stay on track with plan and purpose toward achieving my DMP.  I feel that i have finally formed a perfect mastermind alliance with the 4 best people I could ever dream of.  This was the missing piece in my plan for the past year – and I knew it.  Nobody makes it without a mastermind!  Seems I used to resist this idea because I had a little ego problem (“I can overcome challenges myself drama”).  But now I get it.

Ask and you shall receive.  Thank you to my coaches for all your support and tough love.  I love you all and know that my success will inspire others to help themselves, to set themselves free.

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