3: The Thrill of Guiding Others Through the Master Keys – “In the Flow” by Guest Blogger Jessica Foreman

One of the most thrilling things about being a Certified Guide with the Master Keys is just witnessing the unfoldment of people.  Every member’s experience is different, yet they are comrades in hard work, effort, open-mindedness, trust, transformation and change.  They begin to form a true mastermind with one another as the weeks unfold, sharing challenges, tips, support and honesty.  As I have come to know each of my tribe members this year, I have been especially blessed to witness the early discovery and growth process of Jessica Foreman.  She is a creative, loving, giving, exuberant woman – and she’s a fellow Minnesotan!  Assisting her in the development of her DMP has been an honor and privilege – and I especially loved reading her Week 6 blog post.  See the wonderful things happening for Jessica in this amazing journey!


Week 6: In the flow

This week all of a sudden there was a lightness I hadn’t felt in months! I found myself easily giving in the areas where I felt led and where I have responsibilities. The readings were fruitful and didn’t feel like an interruption to what “I” wanted to do.  Gifts also were freely given to me….

Read the rest of Jessica’s post here: https://goo.gl/nVMBvL

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