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MKE Week 13 – Gratitude Cards!

Who would ever have thought that doing something as simple as taking a few moments each day to reflect back and write down 3 things I am grateful for could be so profound?
This simple exercise creates a constant awareness of all the wonderful things I am blessed with every day.  It even helps me notice and welcome the opportunities and lessons that often lie hidden in the midst of daily challenges, stressful interactions and obstacles.

 Gratitude-is-one-of-the-most-medicinalI’ve also been reading the Law of Giving card almost every day for over a year now (actually it’s quite firmly planted in my memory at this point, so I typically just recite it out loud any time the idea strikes me), and  at the moment, the 2nd promise comes to mind…..

“I promise to be a grateful receiver of the gifts that surround me – pausing often and noticing nature, kindnesses, smiles and compliments, which I gladly receive with a ‘thank you'”.

As I link these things I understand that by being diligent with these exercises we give ourselves verbal and visual reminders all day long….that we can create the happiness, the success, the life we want…by operating each day from a place of gratitude.   This keeps me awake and better tuned in to the world, rather than just rolling through another day in a swirl of activity, taking people, places, things, experiences, nature and all life’s other blessings for granted.  During moments of gratitude….you can only feel happy.

Best deck of cards ever!   I will keep flashing!

MKE Week 12 – A Christmas Poem by MKE Member Marilyn Holloway

I’m so proud of Marilyn Holloway. She’s a member of my tribe and as a MKMMA guide, I’ve had the privilege to witness her journey through the Master Keys for the past 13 weeks.  She’s been hard at work applying the principles and knowledge she’s learned and is finding her bliss.  One of Marilyn’s passions is poetry and she is a talented writer.  She shares her work with the world on her poetry blog.  You can also read more about Marilyn’s #MasterKeyExperience on her MKMMA blog

Today is December 25th.  As I sat down this evening to check in on Facebook I came across a wonderful Christmas poem that Marilyn wrote.  It’s also on her MKMMA blog for Week 13.


My Christmas Song For You — Week 13

house in snow

I sing forth this song with the hills all around me,

As the sun guilds the trees at the start of the day,

As frost sparkles on snow while light fills the valley,
My heart overflows with the music of praise.

birds on feeder

I’m grateful today for birds at the feeder,

For cards in the mail and the touch of a friend,

For kids shouting at play and dogs barking with them,

My heart overflows with the music of praise.


kids n dogs


May joy, peace and love be with you forever,

May blessings abound wherever you roam,

May the light in your eyes give light to a stranger,

May your heart overflow with the music of praise.




Irish blessing

Let’s reach out in love to all of creation,

Let’s bring blessings and peace to all people on earth,

Let’s share our joy in the wonder of living,

Let our hearts overflow with the music of praise.


MKE Week 10 – Seeking Solitude in the Silence

Behind on my blog….

The world without has been a complex place the past few weeks and months….. interwoven with family connection, chaos, conflict and a swirl of emotions as 2 parents, 3 adult children, a couple of spouses and 3 dogs have come together in transition to launch a new family catering business.  And for the time being – all living under one roof again, I might add.  My kids are becoming re-acquainted with each other as adults, as friends, as siblings, as business owners.  They’ve moved away, lived on their own, moved back, given up privacy – they’re learning to share, argue, resolve conflict, work together, communicate and take turns holding each other up as one melt-down after another occurs during this insanely busy season for any successful caterer.  In a nutshell … home environment has been a pressure cooker for way too many reasons to list here.   And where am I in all of this?

You guessed it….right square in the middle.

I had a fight with my husband last night that was stupid…..full of misunderstanding, reactivity. My brain manufactured a hefty dose of old peptides, which rushed in to feed my craving cells their fix.   I went to bed feeling consumed…..used up….exhausted and totally OVER the whole thing.

In  the wee hours of the morning, still dark in my bedroom, my chef husband walked out in silence to begin his 14 hr day.  And then – during his car ride to work – we laid the foundation for a conversation to resume tomorrow.  A day for both of us to work, think, process and begin resolution of the complex set of issues that define our household right now.

I tried to go back to sleep in our room, but my mind was racing.  This is not commonplace for me anymore – not since I’ve been studying and applying the principles I’ve learned through the Master Key Experience.   So I sought out the Silence.

I sat in the dark, closed my eyes and attempted to relax and empty my thoughts.  Typically this process is pretty easy for me.  But not today.  As I relaxed my body my mind felt like it was caught up in the eye of a major storm.  Thoughts swirling, it was so noisy in my head, and I struggled every time I tried to calm it.  All I wanted in that moment was to open the channel, establish connection and find serenity.  I just wanted to sit and feel.   Desperate for calmness that wasn’t coming – my thoughts suddenly locked on to my wise, loving, calm, father and nurturing, loving mother…..both of whom lost recently and miss dearly.   And suddenly there I was…. with my secret council on my mountain top in my comfy chair.  A flood of emotion came over me and the tears flowed……and then immediate calm.

No huge revelations in the sit today….just the connection I sought and solitude for about an hour.

And then my beautiful little puppy Callie woke me up and filled my heart with joy as she came out of her cosy bed and made me feel like puppies do – like you’re the most special and awesome person that exists in their world.  We just played while everyone else slept – for about an hour.

And now I feel like “I’m back”


MKE Week 9 – Finish Strong….Scroll II

The Love Scroll.  “I greet this day with love in my heart”

This is one of Og’s 10 scrolls that I revisit regularly, even after doing the official 90 reads prescribed for the Master Key course.  I often fall to sleep listening to an audio recording of it….my favorite readers being either my own voice or that of the precious and inspiring author, Og Mandino. Think about it.  If you feed your mind the powerful message conveyed in these few pages – and combine it with the intentional, daily practice of reading the Law of Giving out loud, refraining from giving opinions and disallowing negative thoughts from taking hold….there is no way your path in life could NOT shift towards harmony, happiness, success and a deeply rooted appreciation for all that exists in this world.

Haanel says in Lesson 9, Part 2:
“The three things which all mankind desires and which are necessary for his highest expression and complete development are Health, Wealth and Love.”

and in Part 16:
“If you require love try to realize that the only way to get love is by giving it, that the more you give the more you will get, and the only way in which you can give it, is to fill yourself with it, until you become a magnet.”

BAM!  Give more love, get more love… simple, so very simple.  As we re-program our thinking, as we train and practice living in the dynamic flow of Giving and Receiving…..and continue to remind ourselves to “love all manners of men, for each has qualities to be admired even though they be hidden”  and hone our skills of being a non-judgmental observer….we become focused on love and gratitude…

Law of Growth takes over!  To “sum it up”:

The Love Scroll
+ Master Key Lesson 9
+ Law of Giving
+ Emerson’s Essay on Compensation
+ Fox’s Mental Diet
+ ME practicing the art of keeping my damn opinions to myself
+ A little daily humor since I’m not perfect at any of these things yet

The Master Key Experience is nothing short of AMAZING and the creators of this course are BRILLIANT.  Thank you Mark, Davene, Trish, Derek and the rest of the staff…..for the incredible tools, the brilliantly thought-out sequences, the beautiful timing of it all.  For it is a true gift that you have skillfully designed…. and then humbly allowed US to give it to ourselves.   The ability to live a life of never-ending self-discovery, regardless of when we begin.

Og reading Scroll II is below – Enjoy!