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MKE Week 7 – Wonderful Insight on the Mental Diet From Guest Blogger Sara Wennerlind

I just love Sara Wennerlind, friend and fellow 2015 MKMMA member.  She has a special place in my heart.  We share many of the same passions and have both helped numerous people over the past few years improve their health and lose weight. I LOVED her blog last week about the Mental Diet and wanted to share it with my readers as well.  Besides being a very insightful person, you will see…..Sara is an amazing writer.


beautiful garden

The foundation has been laid, the soil has been tilled, the seeds have been planted, the flowers are beginning to bloom. Now the real work begins! I love seeking truth! This week we have the daunting task of going on a “mental diet,” as in not entertaining a single negative thought for more than 6 seconds.  It helps me to think of my mind as a garden. I dwell on positive thoughts, seeds that will manifest into beautiful flowers. I become aware of negative thoughts (weeds) and dismiss them as quickly as possible, plucking them from my mind before they are able to take root and choke out the flowers that are beginning to blossom.

It is frightening yet liberating all at the same time to entertain the thought that everything in my life today – the state of my body, the state of my fortune, the state of my home, the present condition of every phase of my life – is entirely conditioned by the thoughts and feelings which I have entertained in the past, by the habitual tone of my past thinking??? I choose my life, all the conditions of my life, when I choose the thoughts upon which I allow my mind to dwell, according to Emmet Fox’s “The Seven Day Mental Diet?” He goes on to say that thought is the real causative force in life, and there is no other.

I think about how much money and how much effort goes into physical dieting in this country and how much emphasis is put on the state of our body. I can only speak for myself, but until this week, I really had no idea how unhealthy my thoughts can be. Considering the statements above about our thoughts essentially causing every detail of our current existence, what we think about really ought to be our highest priority. I want my mental garden to be vibrant, beautifully manicured and free of weeds, but tending to my mental garden is going to be a full-time job for a while.

I have practiced as a weight loss coach for many years. Changing the food that we choose to put in our bodies is elementary compared to this challenge of choosing to only entertaining positive thoughts for seven days. We eat only 3-5 times per day, but our thoughts are CONSTANTLY on autoplay! We have an adversary and his number one priority is to embed destructive thoughts into our minds. The mind is his playground. If we can learn to shield ourselves from these attacks, his power in our lives will be essentially diminished! I have had to start over many times over this past week, but I have discovered some tools to combat the negative thoughts that try to enter my consciousness throughout the day. What has worked best for me is having a “go-to” positive song that I can recall to memory in an instant if a negative thought tries to take root. I play a You Tube video of the song over several times, and study the lyrics until I can easily repeat it and replay the melody in my mind. Choosing a worship song like this one helps me set my mind on Jesus and the things that are above. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. [Romans 12:2]

I know I have some work to do, but I am thankful I am better off than I was at this time last week, and I am looking forward to the extraordinary changes that will inevitably begin to take place as the seeds of positive thought continue to take root and blossom uninhibited by any weeds.

You can read more about Sara’s journey on the Master Key experience here

MKE Week 6 – No Opinions!

Was anyone else out there blown away to discover how opinionated they are?

No?  OK….maybe it’s just me.

I’ve often complained that my family members (and sometimes other people too) constantly ask me questions about EVERYTHING under the sun…. things that there’s no way I should know the answer.  It’s almost like they don’t even expect me to answer – they just ask.  Like where’s so-and-so, why did she do that, what does that mean, what was he thinking, how come things are this way or that?   Half irritated, half jokingly, I’ve often asked: “What’s my name, Lori Google Enrico?”.

Then I recall one of the many profound things I learned from Mark J:
We teach people how to treat us!

Act like you know the answer to everything…spew out opinions about everything….attempt to solve all the problems…..and guess what?   You make it easier for others to just ask instead of thinking for themselves.  It’s enabling, not empowering.  You rob them of their own problem-solving and discovery process.  So what do I get from it all?  An overactive ego!   Who made me the expert?  Apparently, I did.

I love this exercise of working to give no opinions.  It’s freeing.  I’m becoming a better question-asker, a better listener and it’s initiating more stimulating conversations with my family, friends and business partners.  I’ve had several opportunities to engage with someone I care about who’s seeking answers to a problem or challenge over the past few weeks.  ….and by asking and listening, I’ve had the great pleasure of witnessing them discover the answers for themselves!  By guiding and listening….not telling, not influencing, not solving…….it empowered both of us.

Now I’m going to go write “no opinions” on my hand in pen – just like I did as a kid – so I can remind myself of my objective.

Have a great week!


MKE Week 5 – The Lost Blog Post

OK,  I’ve left the pity party now….. and I’m on my way home.

Several days ago I wrote a blog post for Week 5, entitled “No Opinions”.  I really liked it.   But when I hit the “publish” button yesterday….it disappeared.  I had left the tab open for days, dragging out my post, coming back to it over and over while doing…guess what?….MULTI-TASKING!  (Which, by the way, I’ve learned is not good).  And no… neither resubmitting the page, nor going back in my browser….brought it back.

imagesNow here’s the thing.  This happened to me once before….last year when I was a new member in the Master Keys.  It was the week my mother died and I was in SC immersed in all the family-related things that went along with that life-changing event.  I did my best squeezing in a read or two every day and found myself doing my sits very late at night when everyone else was asleep.  My mind was a swirl of thoughts and feelings, as you can imagine.  So I stayed up very late one night writing a long and meaningful (at least to me) blog post.  And then…..PUBLISH….and whoosh!  Gone.

I had a meltdown.  Then went to bed and got over it and wrote a completely post at a later date.  But I learned one very important thing.  In WordPress….ALWAYS copy the your entire post before hitting “save draft” or “update” or “publish”.  Call me paranoid.  But last year’s experience taught me a lesson and I THOUGHT I had developed a new habit of copying my text for safe keeping before saving or publishing.  Obviously… I had an evolutionary throwback to my old blueprint or something.  Or maybe I just hadn’t really become a slave to my new habit yet.

Whatever the case….this rant is over.  If this has never happened to you, allow me to encourage you to adopt the simple habit of copying your text before publishing your blog.  Then if you lose it you can use the beloved “paste” function and get it back!

I love technology!