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MKE Week 4 – Habits

A foundational part of the methodology created (and masterfully delivered) for the Master Key course are the 10 Scrolls contained in the Greatest Salesman book.  In Scroll 1 we proclaim, “today I begin a new life”.  We shed our old skin, leave behind mediocrity and complacency, reject failure and open ourselves to universal principles and truth.   We learn that each scroll contains a principle which drives a bad habit from our life and replaces it with one which brings us closer to success. Why is this so important?  It’s simple.

“Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure.”  So…. “I will form good habits and become their slave”

The first of our new habits is to read each scroll for thirty days, 3 times/day as directed before moving on to the next scroll.  That’s 90 reads…and the final one each day is enthusiastically read out loud right before going to sleep.

And why is that so important?

I know I just keep quoting Og here….but his writing is just so darn beautiful:

“As I repeat the words daily they soon become a part of my active mind, but more important, they also seep into my other mind, that mysterious source which never sleeps, which creates my dreams and often makes me act in ways I do not comprehend.”

As our subconscious mind consumes and accepts the words and principles in the scrolls……it becomes fertile soil into which we plant our DMP.  And since what we think about grows….we will manifest our ideal in direct proportion to how serious we take this message, how vigilant we are in doing the daily exercises and the SIT.  That’s our job.  The rest is done for us.  We create the INTENTION (and the habits).  And the METHOD behind the “awesomeness” (not using the word madness because it’s negative, yes?) has been worked out over several years by Mark, Davene, Trish and their staff.  That’s what they mean by “we’ve got your back”.  These methods work!  I’m one of many who can testify personally to this.

So just DIG IN…  DO IT NOW.

The payoff will be greater than you can possibly imagine.

One more question……maybe I can take a VOTE:

Do you think I need a new GS book?????



MKE Week 3 – Staying Cool Amongst the Chaos


Reflecting back on my Week 3 “world without” circumstances….I have to see the humor in all the things the Universe brought forth at once to challenge my serenity:

  • 3 dogs and 6 adults (with all their worldly possessions) living under one roof, coming and going with different schedules at all times of the day….noise, barking, interruptions, logistics….FUN STUFF!
  • My brother (George) and his girlfriend (Jan) coming to visit us from SC for a week, insistent on staying at the house amongst the chaos (even though I offered a cozy hotel room so they could have a quiet retreat at night)…More FUN STUFF!
  • Our sister had a total knee replacement Wednesday (concern from afar)…Not so fun for her!
  • George had tremendous back pain (bulging disc, scheduled to see a surgeon)…Not so fun for him!
  • Jan acquired a sinus infection….took her to Urgent Care…Not so fun for her!
  • Facing the music – the extension I filed last year for my taxes was finally here and had to be filed by Thursday….(how convenient that my brother does tax preparation part-time, because I definitely needed help when it got down to crunch time…What can I say??  Old Lori gave that problem to new Lori a long time ago
  • Oh yes…don’t forget my puppy, Callie, was scheduled a long time ago to be spayed on Thursday the 15th – so we added that to the mix (keeping her “quiet and still” for the next 10 days in our house…oh yes, no problem with that)….She melts me!
  • DMP’s, reads, blogs, tweets, posts….FUN STUFF!
  • 4 business appointments Saturday and Sunday…More FUN STUFF!


Could crazy, YELLOW, fun-loving, adventurous Lori have manifested all that stuff coming together at once?  You know – just to create a healthy dose of chaos and drama…to test my reactivity, to see if we could invite the old blueprint back for dinner?  Well I don’t know what my wonderful family…or my incredible brother and his beautiful girlfriend might say to that.

But we pulled it off….
And we had fun and laughed…
And everyone’s on the mend…
And the taxes are done….

And I love my life, family, my dogs, my home, my work, my tribe, this beautiful weather, the Fall colors……gratitude spills over and out.

And I’m really loving my sits this week!!!

MKE Week 2 – Getting Into the Flow

Wow! So humbled by all of the members in my tribe – working hard on refining their DMPs, blogging weekly, tweeting, reading, sitting….sometimes resisting the call, then hearing their heart and deciding to answer the call.

I am filled with gratitude that I have been given the opportunity to witness your journey, folks. As I continue to learn more from the course, from each and every one of you, from life, from myself…life is more and more beautiful and I am more blessed each day.

With so many thoughts and ideas running through my mind today, it’s my hope that I’ll be able to write a couple more posts and share them here in the next 7-10 days.

But for now, this one will be short. I’m on to your beautiful DMP’s, engaging in the exercises, finishing my taxes (OMG!! Extension time is HERE!), getting my house ready for visitors this week…and thankfully, that wonderful, therapeutic SIT!

Eager to read your posts as well.

Believe in yourself!