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MKE Week 1 – Effort Creates Effortlessness

The 2015 #MasterKeyExperience is underway!

I can’t explain how exciting this is for me – to embark on this course again, this time as a Guide with my own “tribe” of 14 members.  The first drafts of their DMP’s are rolling in and it’s just such an honor to to witness these wonderful folks digging deep to think about what’s in their heart – what they truly want – and get it down on paper in under 400 words.  The Week 1 webcast last Sunday was incredible and I’m already hearing of so many “a-ha” moments and epiphanies as new members are soaking it in, sitting in silence, starting to think and beginning to write.  Helping people help themselves, find their purpose and embark on the greatest adventure of all….self-discovery.
To quote my friend, Greg Sears – it just doesn’t get any better than that!

This, in itself, is quite an epiphany for ME!  Why?  Because for over 30 years I’ve had it all wrong.  I thought it was all about helping others.  I made it my full-time job attempting to “help” virtually everyone around me – trying to give solutions, provide answers, by teaching, training, saving, rescuing…blah, blah, blah.  Since my efforts never created change in others (duh), I had frequent pity parties lamenting about how I was an ineffective coach, mentor, leader – sometimes even a parent.   Whoa, Lori – slow your roll!   Can you say “hero drama”?   Talk about ego!  I actually find it quite humorous to think back on that now.

The world within creates the world without!   BIG difference between helping people… and helping people help themselves!  BAM!!!

What an honor and privilege it is to be able to influence people to engage in this course – to answer the call – and yet NOT influence them about how or what to think.  No more opinions, no answers.  Allowing them to discover their own treasures within.  THAT’s how you help people.  That’s how success and happiness unfolds.

effort-quotes-For-those-who-are-willing-to-make-an-effort-great-miracles-and-wonderful-treasures-are-in-store.So why the title of this post:  “Effort Creates Effortless”?

As I watch the new members adjust to being back in a “school-like” environment for the first time in years – putting in time, deep thought & effort to begin creating their new blueprint….I’m reminded of how I felt last September when I was in their shoes. Faithfully putting in the effort – apprehensive and excited – hoping it would all pay off.

And now, as I continue on MY hero’s journey, I’m amazed at how many things are effortless.  That was the promise…if I did the work.

Effort creates effortlessness.

Have faith.
And as a very wise man likes to say: “Peace be the journey”


Master Key Experience Course Launches September 10th

The long anticipated Master Key course is HERE! This year, with the massive buzz that’s been happening on social medial , there’s no question that all available scholarships will be awarded quickly.

When I say quickly…I mean a matter of hours, maybe a few days, but definitely not longer.

Click here to watch the launch videos and receive information about the Master Key course and how to get a scholarship.  The adventure of a lifetime awaits you!  Do not delay!  Click here to read my post about my own experience in the 2014 course and how it changed my life.  For pay-it-forward scholarships, watch the MK launch video.