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My Master Key Experience

HJThere are hundreds of Master Key blogs on the internet containing thousands of posts from people all over the world with something in common. They’re all at various stages of the most important and courageous journey one could ever take.  It’s called  “The Hero’s Journey”. Most of these people have never met, yet they are closely connected through a mutual spirit of service, gratitude, courage and action.

So why are these blogs creating such a buzz on social media? It’s because they are “series blogs”…..a reality show of sorts.  The Master Key blogs chronicle the 26 week journey through the Master Key Mastermind Alliance course.  Every one of us starts at Week 1 – with fear, apprehension and all the various other emotions that inevitably come with committing to a 6 month class without a day off, that you’re told will be hard work… and of course, anyone busy?  But follow these blogs through the journey and you will witness real, meaningful, lasting transformation.   To read some of their stories click here.

This is about authentic self-discovery

The objective?  To create self-directed thinkers…..self-reliant, successful people who become hero’s in their own lives.

Members learn to help themselves, to think for themselves, to realize the enormous power that lies within each and every one of us and take possession of it.  We learn how to create the future we desire.

Stop, re-read and think about what I just said.

Being a self-directed thinker means genuinely letting go and no longer being affected by other people’s opinions or society or the media’s influence on you.  You learn to listen, observe and trust yourself.  You are given tools and hands-on support to find your passion, your purpose, your authentic gifts. And manifest the life you desire.

So specifically what has the Master Key Experience done for me?

These are just a few things I have gained:

  • Decisiveness
  • Confidence
  • A life centered around the principle of  “Give more, get more”
  • Relaxation of thought (no more “mind swirl”)
  • Greater clarity and focus
  • A good night’s sleep, every night
  • Happiness, contentment & a growing feeling of serenity
  • An understanding of myself, my natural gifts and how to give them away
  • An overwhelming sense of gratitude….every day
  • Love being out of my “comfort zone”
  • Unconditional belief that I will achieve anything I put my mind to
  • A better understanding and appreciation of others
  • Tolerance and patience
  • The freedom that comes from forgiveness of everyone I’ve ever held anger or resentment towards (including myself)
  • Spiritual connection
  • Many new wonderful new habits
  • I’ve become a better observer (of myself and others) and a better listener

And what have I lost?

  • Fear & doubt
  • Hot flashes (I’m serious….by Week 3)
  • Indecision
  • Reactivity (always improving)
  • Being comfortable in the “comfort zone”
  • Multi-tasking (it’s bad for you)
  • Procrastination (making big progress here)
  • “Mind swirl”, mental clutter
  • TV
  • Many other undesirable habits

If there is a voice inside of you that keeps getting louder – you are being heralded.   Answer the call.  Your life awaits you.

The Master Key Experience 2015 begins September 10th!  To learn all about it and to get early notification for a “Pay It Forward” Scholarship, opt-in to the list below.

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