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Week 17 HJ – Trying Times

We made the trip home from SC in a long 22-hr car drive last Friday because my husband had to get back to work.  The unfortunate consequence of that choice was that 4 days later he was admitted to the hospital with deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in his leg) and has been there since Tuesday.  He was able to come home last night, but he is in severe pain, is unable to walk and needs constant care.  I am so grateful to have him back at home and have faith that he will come through this ordeal with complete recovery and a new mindset about his health.

Needless to say, these past 2 weeks have been a challenge greater that I ever imagined and the routine I worked so hard to create towards progression in this MKMMA course has been turned upside down.  Prior to getting the news about my mother I had rarely missed a reading, exercise, sit, etc and I really felt my new habits were starting to solidify.  But in these past 2 weeks I’ve missed numerous exercises – even a couple of whole days – and there are times I barely feel like I’m keeping my head above water.  So I’m feeling a little vulnerable at the moment and definitely fighting the old blueprint.  But keeping up with the 3 gratitude cards daily, flashing them whenever possible and focusing on kindness has really kept me afloat, plus masterminding with my partner and getting into the alliances area.  I do have a new guide and plan to reach out for some support.

Hanging in there…..I have no doubt that there is wisdom, insight or important new lessons for me to learn in all of this.  I am grateful for MKMMA beyond words.

Week 17 – Permission

I give myself permission to take possession of my power, to live life from intention and to be authentically happy.  

“I am nature’s greatest miracle….I proclaim my uniqueness to the world… i begin to hide my similarities to others and accent my differences, for they are assets to be promoted to the fullest”….

“I am not on this earth by chance.  I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand.  Henceforth I apply all my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I strain my potential until it cries for mercy.”…….

“For I was conceived in love and brought forth with a purpose….

 IMG_1539  IMG_1529  IMG_0344

In the past I had not considered this fact but henceforth it shapes and guides my life.”

Wise, wise Og Mandino.  These are only a few excerpts from Scroll IV – but try reading them 90 times in a month and see if it doesn’t create positive change in you!

I gave myself permission this week – to become.  And I also gave myself permission to stop doing a few things my old blueprint tries to dictate.  It’s liberating.


Master Key Week 16 – Kindness, Sadness & Gratitude

This has been a very profound week for me in my MKMMA journey.  It is the week in which 300 of us from all around the world focused every day on kindness – on observing it in others, receiving it from others, and giving it to others.  And we were instructed to get into the members area and post comments daily about our results.

IMG_0926Rest in Peace, Alma Hammond. You were the best mother anyone could ever wish for.  I will love you forever

I lost my amazing, beautiful mother yesterday (Thursday) and my heart is broken. She was 95 years old and lived a very full life, though she’s been pretty lost since losing my father recently after a long battle with Alzheimers.  My world turned upside with a phone call and needless to say – my MKMMA routine was interrupted yesterday…..I didn’t get in my “sit”, I have no idea if I read everything I was supposed to 2 or 3 times, and what I did read certainly was not “with enthusiasm”.  But as news spread about my mom a virtual avalanche of kindnesses started pouring into my life – calls, texts, FB messages, friends and business partners at my door with flowers, my wonderful husband and kids wrapping their arms, hearts and love all around me (and each other).  My brother, sister and I continue to share incredible love, kindness and support with each other as we process our loss.   And even my Golden Retriever and new dachshund puppy wouldn’t leave my side when I first heard about my mom and had an emotional melt-down.

So what can I say?  I am overwhelmed.  I definitely have received more kindness than I have given out this week.  I totally forgot to do random acts of kindness yesterday and today as I made plans to get in the car and make the 19 hr drive to SC.  But in the car today I spent a couple of hours in the Alliances area reading all of YOUR kindnesses – given out to the world all week.  And I FELT IT, MARK!  Total harmony with hundreds folks, all around the world – together immersed and even giddy about giving kindness to others every day.  It uplifted my heart and made me once again feel part of something so powerful and so special.  And then many of you replied to my comment with even more kindness and love yesterday.  So basically….I am having one huge, extended gratitude attack.

I’m going to continue to execute and post kindnesses next week, even though I have another virtue to focus on with our Ben Franklin Makeover.  Hope that’s OK!


Week 15 – Knowledge Does Not Apply Itself

At the end of every chapter of the Master Keys there is a call to action – a mental exercise which we are to practice every day for a week – in what we fondly call “The Sit“.  From MK Chapter 15:

“For your exercise this week, concentrate on Insight; take your accustomed position and focus the thought on the fact that to have a knowledge of the creative power of thought does not mean to possess he art of thinking.  Let the thought dwell on the fact that knowledge does not apply itself. That our actions are not governed by knowledge, but by custom, precedent and habit. That the only way we can get ourselves to apply knowledge is by a determined conscious effort. Call to mind the fact that knowledge unused passes from the mind, that the value of the information is in the application of the principle; continue this line of thought until you gain sufficient insight to formulate a definite program for applying this principle to your own particular problem.”

Over these weeks we have refined our DMP’s and created a daily plan of action that is designed to build the “world within” and result in the achievement of our SMART goals. We must EXECUTE on the “traction points”….the daily actions that will create momentum, growth and success in our business, career or personal objectives.  To learn, to study, to become enlightened is not enough.  We must apply the knowledge – we must create good habits and become their slave.  And as we truly come into a realization of the creative nature of thought and the immense power we possess – it is in these habits, in fidelity to the daily exercises, in practice and honing our mental skills in “the sit” – that we begin to design our lives.

“I plan courageously and execute fearlessly.”   Totally love this quote….it’s my new Mantra.

Week 14 – Cool Runnings

As an assignment this past week we were asked to watch one of 4 movie choices and look for the 4 necessary components that make up the admirable habit of persistence.  The movie I chose was “Cool Runnings”.   Though I had seen it many years before, I had forgotten what a fun, inspiring film it was – a definite example of the hero’s journey.  I was coming from a different perspective this time, being recently enlightened of the fact that persistence is a HABIT that must be developed (rather than a quality that some people simply possess).  The habit of persistence consists of the following 4 smaller habits, which were easy to identify in the film:

Definite Major Purpose (DMP) backed by a burning desire
Positive Mental Attitude
Detailed Plan of Action
Mastermind Alliance

Cool Runnings is the inspiring story of Derice Bannock, a Jamaican runner who has a burning desire to compete in the Olympics as his father did.  When his chances of qualifying for Jamaica’s track team are dashed in the trials, he and his islander friends attempt to form a bobsled team.  His persistence is demonstrated over and over in this movie as he runs into obstacle after obstacle to achieving his goal.  Initially he has to convince every one of his potential team mates, which is not an easy job.  Everyone thinks he’s crazy, but he is eternally committed to his vision, his positive mental attitude is unwavering and they find inspiration in his determination. – so one by one they decide to join him.  Then he must convince a local bookie and washed-up former Olympic gold-medal winning coach, played by John Candy.  This also takes some real effort but in the end, the team of unlikely islanders succeed in helping him see the vision and so the training begins.  The team and coach face many more obstacles, as they have no money yet band together and raise the necessary funds, get to Calgary, qualify in trials and become Jamaica’s first bobsled team in history.  Shunned and ridiculed by their fellow bobsled competitors in Calgary, they continue to meet challenges as a team, as well as each person individually.  Their coach helps them form a very detailed plan of action to initially qualify, and ultimately become medal contenders.

The movie draws you in as their relationships grow, their mutual goal deepens and the desire burns in all of them. They have formed the perfect Mastermind Alliance – 5 people working in perfect harmony towards a definiteness of purpose.  As the world watches and doubts about this unlikely team increases, we watch them ultimately prevail and inspire the world in their final fun down the track.  What starts at a perfect run and record time appears to end in disaster as the bobsled crashes near the end of the course and the 4 teammates lie battered and still on the track.  After moments of silence, one by one the four get up, pick up their sled and carry it over their heads over the finish line.  The inspired crowd watches in awe and gives them overwhelming applause and support, including their most vehement competitors.   They ultimately reached beyond their goal, earning the respect of their peers and the world, and became national heros.  Side note:  they also went on to complete in the Olympics 4 years later.

Such a fantastic story of the hero’s journey.  Derice’s goal was steadfast, clear, charged with emotion.  He visualized it every day and worked tirelessly toward his goal.  He would not accept defeat, just found a way around.  And through persistence, he was triumphant.

Week 14 – The Wonderful Law of Growth – on Debt and Denial

Through MKMMA we have ventured into the “World Within” and it’s impact on the “World Without”.  We are coming into an understanding of the operation of the 2 facets of our mind – the conscious and the subconscious – and learning to apply this knowledge in our lives to facilitate a “complete personal make-over”, if you will.  The profound discovery that the subconscious mind literally makes ALL the decisions is the foundation of this course.  Our daily actions dictate the conditions and results we experience….and these have been literally pre-determined without our knowledge by our old “blueprint”,  created by our subconscious after years and years of outside influences. To sum it up: our thoughts, charged with whatever feelings we attach to them, determine our beliefs.  Our beliefs, in turn, dictate the actions we take, which necessarily then determine the results or conditions we experience in our lives.  So the thoughts we dwell on every day and how intensely we feel about them – quite literally mold and shape the landscape of our lives.

Of the Seven Laws of the Mind, 6 ultimately cultivate the proper mental landscape for us to apply The Law of Growth:

“What we think about grows, what we forget atrophies”

It’s also key to state the Law of Subconscious Activity here – as I comment on Debt and Denial:

“As soon as the subconscious accepts the idea it becomes a demand and it works constantly, 24/7, to manifest demand – accessing a reservoir of infinite resources”.

images-3So let’s talk about debt.  How many people in this world, would you guess, stay awake at night worrying about their bills, loans, mortgages, kids college costs, daycare costs, car repairs, credit scores, etc?  How about the relentless harassment that people get via phone calls, mail and even door knocks from creditors?  Do you think this causes mental pre-occupation? Negative self-talk? Worthlessness? FEAR? Divorce?  Worse?  It’s no wonder that the hot topic on peoples’ goal statements or new years resolutions have to do with “getting out of debt”.  Some work exhaustively and think obsessively about “getting out of debt”.  Its on their mind 24/7.

imgres-2NEWS FLASH!!!  The subconscious mind can’t differentiate between whether you like debt or hate debt.  All it hears is DEBT!  It accepts it as a DEMAND because we’re so pre-occupied with it.  So it goes to work constantly, 24/7, to manifest….. guess what?  MORE DEBT!   What we think about grows!!!

But….what we forget atrophies.

I never thought of the word denial as something positive. My mind typically goes to an association such as a person being unwilling to face their issues, such as with addiction. But the preface to this week’s Master Key lesson really gave me an epiphany.  Yes, I have learned through writing my own DMP that we should not use negative concepts and language such as “debt” in our goals.  We can substitute more positive phrases like “paid in full”, for instance.  But I feel compelled to “shout from the roof” that everyone has the power to change this mess.  By learning and practicing the art/science of thought control, we have the ability to intentionally DENY ourselves thoughts about debt and financial worries and fears.  And gradually, over time, it will disappear.   To quote Haanel:

“….This does not mean that some thought is creative, but that all thought is creative. This same principle can be brought into operation in a negative way, through the process of denial.

It follows that if you deny unsatisfactory conditions, you are withdrawing the creative power of your thought from these conditions. You are cutting them away at the root. You are sapping their vitality.

Remember that the law of growth necessarily governs every manifestation in the objective, so that a denial of unsatisfactory conditions will not bring about instant change.  A plant will remain visible for some time after its roots have been cut, but it will gradually fade away and eventually disappear, so the withdrawal of your thought from the contemplation of unsatisfactory conditions will gradually, but surely, terminate these conditions.

You will see that this is an exactly opposite course from the one which we would naturally be inclined to adopt.

It will therefore have an exactly opposite effect to the one usually secured. Most persons concentrate intently upon unsatisfactory conditions, thereby giving the condition that measure of energy and vitality which is necessary in order to supply a vigorous growth”

Powerful, wouldn’t you agree?