15: “I Love the New Me Emerging” – by Guest Blogger Joe Sikora

3649112dd46d0340003ddbec6bca331bI absolutely love being part of MKMMA. To say it’s a challenging 6 months is an understatement.  But it is only through challenge that we create change.

The pure privilege of witnessing the growth and self-reliance that begins to emerge in our members who stay the course, dig deep and do the work is beyond words.  Below is a brief and heart-warming post by Joe Sikora – who happens to be a friend, business partner and MKMMA member this year.  Reading his words brings me joy and ignites my passion to reach even more people this September with the Master Key Experience.  You know when they say, “be the change you wish to see in the world”?  In my mind that’s simple.  We continue to learn and apply the knowledge we learn….to practice and refine…..to grow our greatness and stand tall in character…and to manifest our Dharma.  In turn, we inspire others to take the plunge to a better life as well.

Here is Joe’s uplifting post for Week 15.  To read more about Joe’s Master Key Experience, make sure to visit his blog here:  https://masterkeyjosephsikorablog.wordpress.com

Week 15

I love the new me emerging. I have a sense of awe when people see the new me emerging. I love the symbol idea it is a tremendous help when getting through the day positive. Love the gratitude cards as I see the new positive me emerge.  I compare this process to metamorphosis.

Interestingly as I am changing I see people who have a negative outlook I would love to see as many people take this class. I love it and I am becoming more self confident with the passing days my excitement level is very high with all the new tools helping to cement the new me and letting go of the old me.

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